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<transcy>The Compelling (eBook) (Une communauté irrésistible (9Marks) - eBook) </transcy>

Mark Dever et Jamie Dunlop
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What does a community that witnesses to God's power look like?
God's people are called to a unity and commitment that transcends natural boundaries - be they ethnic, generational or economic. Such a community can only exist if it depends on the power of God manifested in the Gospel.
In Compelling Community, pastors Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop present a compelling vision of authentic community in the local church-a vision that goes far beyond small group formation. Packed with biblical principles and practical advice, this book will prove helpful to pastors who want to transform their congregations into communities that glorify God, edify his people, and draw out the lost.
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Mark Dever (Ph.D., Cambridge University) is the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., as well as the president of 9Marks. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including The Church: A Health Check, and speaks at conferences around the world.
Jamie Dunlop has served as pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church since 2009. Prior to that, he worked for a large management consulting firm.
"The book you hold in your hands will excite you, if you love Christ and His church! Its thesis is that the Gospel of Christ will become visible around us and transform lives, to the extent that the community of the church is clearly supernatural. Every chapter of the book is full of good tools and practical ideas to help us nurture such a community, which manifests the power of the Gospel to the world. Read it. Be convinced. And expect your vision of the church to expand!"
- Joël Favre, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of Grésivaudan, Grenoble
"Here at last is a book that puts human relationships back at the heart of the church's activity! This book by Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop will help you focus not on programs and events, but on the people who make up the Christian community. The authors develop a sound and deeply biblical vision of the church, while offering valuable advice for those who want to minister and care for the family of God. This is a must-read for everyone!
- Guillaume Bourin, pastor; author of the book I Will Pour Pure Water on You; founder of the blog Le Bon Combat; director of the Bible Institute #Transmettre
"As a pastor, I realize how much easier it is to develop meetings, projects, and ministries, than to build community. This book explains how the gospel overcomes ethnic, social, and generational barriers among God's people to form a united community centered on Jesus. I highly recommend it."
- Gaétan Brassard, senior pastor of Église Le Portail
"As the years go by, we human beings are inclined to become insensitive to the beauty of things. This book will help you rediscover the beauty of the local church, when it is built according to the plans of the great architect. Beyond that, the authors biblically demonstrate to us the power of attraction of a community of sinners saved by grace, when committed together!"
- Michael Caron, pastor at Église Évangélique Baptiste de Shawinigan-Sud; 9Marks ministry partner for the Francophonie
"We all want the church to be attractive, not artificially as a trap, but honestly as a place of discovery of the Truth that liberates. Mark Dever and Jamie Dunlop help us take stock of our priorities and practices. They remind us that it is essential to put forward those that are strongly rooted in the Gospel and that contribute to the development of a compelling community. Thank you for this beautiful and relevant reflection!"
- Étienne Grosrenaud, pastor, teacher at the Geneva Bible Institute and president of the FEF Network in France
"The Church is compelling when the Gospel shapes the relationships within the community, the notion of membership, prayer, teaching, the way of dealing with sin, vision... It is then supernatural and exalts Christ. This book, both rooted in the Bible and rich with examples, helps us refocus our community on what makes it attractive: the Gospel of Jesus Christ."
- Vincent Bourrel, pastor of Toulouse Metropole Baptist Church
"I read this book at a time when I was quite discouraged in my ministry. What a good idea I had! It is without a doubt one of the best books on the church that I have ever read, because it helped me to rediscover my congregation from the point of view of Christ. I was amazed.Caught up in my daily life, I had lost sight of the fact that the Church's mission is to make the Gospel tangible."
- Raphaël Charrier, pastor of the Evangelical Christian Church of Grenoble; blogger on; co-host of the Memento Mori podcast
Table of contents
Part One - Developing a Vision of Community
1. Two visions of community
2. A God-given community
3. A deep community
4. Extended community
Part Two - Cultivating Community
5. Preaching to Equip the Community
6. Praying Together as a Community
7. Building a culture of intentional spiritual relationships
8. Recognizing structural barriers to biblical community development
Part Three - Protecting Community
9. Dealing with discontent in the church
10. Confronting Sin in the Church
Part Four - Community at Work
11. Evangelizing as a Community
12. Splitting the Community
Original title : The Compelling Community
Publisher: Cruciforme
Authors : Mark Dever & Jamie Dunlop
Publication date : October 2021
ISBN : 9782924595978
Pages : 245
Dimensions : 6 "x9"
Format : Paperback
Weight : 346 g

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