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<transcy>The Family You've Always Wanted (Une famille qui s'aime)</transcy>

Gary Chapman
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Five Characteristics of a Healthy Family
The author skillfully describes the family of your dreams. "The family remains the number one value of the French. So why are all these households trapped by their dysfunctions, sometimes dragged to the breaking point? What does a healthy family actually look like? Experienced counselor Gary Chapman explains the 5 characteristics of a family that lives in love. He accompanies his advice with many anecdotes and practical suggestions for applying it. This book encourages and supports you in your quest to build a family that shines and lasts. One of Gary Chapman's first books.
Table of Contents
Prologue: A Stranger in the Family
Part One: A Family that Serves
From Pain to Pleasure: A Personal Journey
What is a family that serves?
Part Two: Couples in Intimacy
Our Thirst for Closeness
Five Steps to Intimacy
Part Three: Guiding Parents
Talking, Doing, Loving
The Challenge: Teaching Creatively
The Challenge: Teaching Consistently
Part Four: Children Who Obey and Honor Their Parents
Why obeying is so important
The Gift of Honor
Husbands Who Love and Lead
What does it mean to lead?
Fathers, what they do for their families
For wives only, the art of encouragement
A Word from Shelley and Derek
Self Assessment: Your Turn
Develop an attitude of service
Develop Intimacy
Your Children's Love Languages
Creative Parenting
Teach Children to Respect Others
Evaluate Your Leadership Skills
Growth Project for the Loving Father
Original Title: The Family You've Always Wanted
Author : Gary Chapman
Publisher: BLF Editions
ISBN : 978-2-910246-87-7
Pages : 320
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Format : Paperback
Weight : 369 g
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