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<transcy>A Peculiar Glory(Une gloire particulière (eBook))</transcy>

John Piper
by Impact
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God has given all men the means to  recognize that the Bible is the Word of God. The least educated individual and the most erudite scholar take the same path to a saving knowledge of the truth of Scripture: they see in it the special glory of God.
In this book, John Piper shows us the unique ability of the Word to authenticate itself by shining the glory of God in a way that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, illuminates the eyes of our hearts. He sets out to demonstrate that the glory of God is not only the source of the soul's happiness, but also the foundation of our confidence in the Scriptures.
Table of Contents
PART ONE - A Point of Support
1 My story: captive of the Bible
PART TWO - What books and words make up the Christian Scriptures?
2 What books make up the Old Testament?
3 Which books make up the New Testament?
4 Do we have the exact words of the biblical authors?
PART THREE - What do the Christian Scriptures say about themselves?
5 The Old Testament
6 Jesus' view of the Old Testament
7 The Authority of the Apostles
PART FOUR - How do we know that the Christian Scriptures are true?
8 A Common Concern with Jonathan Edwards
9 What happens when we see the glory of God?
10 Pascal's Wager
11 John Calvin and the Inner Witness of the Holy Spirit
PART FIVE - How does God's particular glory confirm the Christian Scriptures?
12 The glory of God as the goal of the world and the Word
13 Majesty in meekness: a glory peculiar to Jesus Christ
14 In the fulfillment of prophecy
15 In the miracles of Jesus
16 In the persons that the Word creates.
17 The place of historical argumentation
Original title: A Peculiar Glory
Author : John Piper
Publisher: Éditions Impact
Publication date : November 2021
ISBN : 978-2-89082-495-9
Pages : 316
Dimensions : 6" x 9"
Format : Paperback
Weight : 444 g

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Je reviens sur mon avis précédent. C'est moi qui suis à la ramasse : j'ai mis le mauvais fichier dans la liseuse... Merci à Daniel qui m'a assisté pour réglé ce problème très rapidement.
Donc : super livre, foncez ;)