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<transcy>A neglected grace (Une grâce négligée)</transcy>

Jason Helopoulos
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The majority of evangelical Christians are aware of the importance of personal worship and corporate worship, but few have heard of family worship. As if this sphere of worship has fallen into disuse! Yet in the history of the Church, family worship has been one of the greatest strengths of the Christian family. Just as the life of a Christian is characterized by personal worship, and just as our gatherings as a Christian community must be centered on the worship of God, the home of a Christian family should be characterized by family worship. It is nothing more than our family response to the infinite and wonderful grace of God.

In A Neglected Grace , Pastor Jason Helopoulos encourages us to use this means of grace that God makes available to us to approach him daily with our family. The author presents the biblical foundations of family worship, while explaining its advantages, importance and benefits for the Christian family. It also offers several practical tips to integrate this habit into our homes.

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As a father of five active children, I would seldom have time to discuss the Word of God and pray as a family if we did not have structured family worship. What a loss for Christian families who have neglected this indispensable means of grace! Jason Helopoulos' book may well generate a much needed revival in family worship. Christian assemblies who read and put into practice this excellent book will certainly see a growth in the faith of children and parents. If family worship is not yet a reality in your own home, this book may be the most important book to read this year.
- Richard D. Phillips, Senior Pastor, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina

“Family worship…” We all know how difficult it is. More than just a biblical defense of family worship, A Neglected Grace offers practical and wise help in knowing where to start. All of this with a conciseness that parents of young children will appreciate. Whether you are starting family devotions for the first time, or looking to rekindle a lost family tradition, Jason will show you the grace of God through family worship!
- CJ Mahaney, Senior Pastor, Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

This is exactly what I needed! This is an encouraging refresh on family worship that reminded me of the "why" and gave me a lot of new ideas on the "how". It is also a powerful source of motivation and a perfect guide, loaded with practical and realistic advice, for parents new to this particularly blessed practice.
- David P. Murray, professor of the Old Testament and Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Most of the recommendations are written by experts, but mine comes from fervent expectation. It is a great privilege to lead our families in worship, but most of us have difficulty doing so for one reason or another. Fortunately, Pastor Jason Helopoulos provides us with exactly what we need: a wise, realistic, gospel-motivated (not guilt) guide that we can all use and practice. I therefore have the privilege of recommending that you read it; I can't wait to see how the Lord will use it for His glory and building families!
- Justin Taylor, blogger, “Between Two Worlds”; Managing Editor, The ESV Study Bible, Chicago, Illinois

The Puritans believed that one of the major reasons why godliness had flooded their nation was neglect of family worship. Jason Helopoulos' truly helpful book on this crucial topic is concise, thought-provoking, realistic, and practical. If you are already doing family worship, this book will encourage you and allow you to improve yourself. If not, this book just might transform your family. Buy it, read it, tell your friends about it, discuss it in a small group, and most importantly, put it into practice!
- Joel R. Beeke, Director, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you are looking for a good and useful introduction to family worship that provides both a biblical basis for family worship and advice on how to practice it in everyday life, look no further further away ! I hope Jason Helopoulos’s book will help many rediscover the “neglected grace” of family worship.
- Don Whitney, Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality, Associate Dean at The School of Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

Aside from the weekly routine of Sabbath observance, there is nothing more central to cultivating Christian piety than the regular practice of family worship. Unfortunately, there is nothing more overlooked either. In this very informative and extremely practical guide to family worship, Jason Helopoulos highlights the enduring (and everlasting) benefits of a nearly forgotten spiritual discipline. Do yourself, your family and yourself a spiritual favor and read, highlight, learn and apply the contents of this wonderful little book! By the grace of God, it may well have an impact on generations to come. - Jon D. Payne Visiting Professor of Practical Theology, RTS Atlanta, Georgia, Senior Pastor, Christ Church Presbyterian, Charleston, South Carolina

Table of contents

1. Worshipers: What We Are - Worship: What We Do
2. Give me a good reason! - It is our joyful responsibility!
3. Other practical reasons?
4. So what do we do now?
5. Our Way of Worshiping God
6. What Family Worship Is Not
7. Help for the Adventure
8. What to do if ....
9. Do it!
Appendix A: Examples of family worship structures
Appendix B: Getting started with the Bible and prayer
Appendix C: Resources
Appendix D: Catechisms and creed


Original title : A Neglected Grace
Author : Jason Helopoulos
Publisher: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924595-31-2
Pages : 135
Publication : October 2017
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 170 g

Customer Reviews

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Une grâce négligée

Un excellent livre sur le culte familial!
Ma prière est que tout chef de famille puissent prendre le temps de le lire.
Que vous soyez en train d'instaurer un culte familial chez vous ou qu'il soit déjà bien entamé, ce livre vous sera très utile.
Il donne d'excellents conseils pour demeurer ordonné et stable, ainsi que plusieurs conseils pour certaines situations compliquées.
Vous y trouverez:
- L'importance de la stabilité des cultes
- Conseil pour la structure des cultes
- Une section "que faire si?" (Mon époux est incroyant, pas intéressé, mes enfants ont un grand écart d'âge, etc.)
L'auteur est bien disposé sur le sujet et surtout réaliste dans notre contexte, ce qui rend le livre particulièrement intéressant et utile.

Un livre que tous devraient lire

Une grâce négligée est un petit livre qui encourage les chrétiens à faire des cultes familiaux. Il démontre l’importance de cette pratique et donne de nombreux conseils pratiques afin d’aider ceux qui ont plus de difficulté avec le culte familial. Jason Helopoulos fait attention à ne pas trop culpabiliser ceux qui ne pratiquent pas le culte familial, il cherche plutôt à les encourager et les exhorter à le faire. C’est un livre que tout chef de famille devrait lire.

Très pragmatique et concret

Ce livre présente l'adoration dans le cercle familial, sa justification biblique, son intérêt et sa mise en oeuvre. Facile à lire, assez court avec beaucoup de témoignages.