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<transcy>A Display of God's Glory (Une manifestation de la gloire de Dieu)</transcy>

Mark Dever
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This short, clear, and useful book deals with the structure of the Church by touching on topics such as elders, deacons, congregationalism, and local church membership. The author presents a biblical model that aims to bless the Church and create a peaceful atmosphere that will withstand the pressure of community life.

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MARK DEVER (Ph.D., University of Cambridge), author of several books and articles, is Senior Pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities, he is also the Chairman of the 9Marks Ministry. Mark and his wife, Connie, live in Washington.

"Mark Dever's book compares to a lever for leaders who seek to bring about profound reform in their churches. It gives clear, biblical answers to the many questions that pastors and leaders ask themselves on these important topics. I would have liked to have had this manual when I began my pastoral ministry. I will recommend it to be read in my classes and across the country. »
- Don Whitney, professor of biblical spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“We live in an age where the biblical values ​​of the Church are all under attack. Our generation shuns commitment and responsibility, shuns the authority and support of its leaders, shuns humility and service. With his book, once again, Mark Dever hits the nail on the head. Returning to the biblical foundations of church structure - the role of deacons, elders, the congregation, and the role of members - Dever provides an excellent resource for better understanding and loving the Church of God. Clear, concise, and solid, I recommend A Manifestation of the Glory of God to anyone wishing to become involved in their local Church. "
- Philippe Viguier, pastor of the Evangelical Protestant Church of Villeurbanne-Cusset; coordinator of Hymnes21, author of the book Resolute

“The local church is more important than you think. In this short, Bible-based book, Mark Dever encourages us to live and organize the Church as God intends, in four areas in particular, in order to manifest His glory. »
- Benjamin Eggen, coordinator of the blog La Rébellution; co-author of the book A life of challenges

"This succinct but powerful tool will guide the councils of elders in their discussions to ensure that members, deacons and elders of the local church act in accordance with biblical prescriptions. A church administered according to the counsel of God will manifest the glory of God. »
- François Turcotte, Director General, Séminaire Baptiste Évangélique du Québec (SEMBEQ), Montreal

Leadership is one of the important issues of concern to local churches today. The books dealing with the effectiveness and character of leaders are numerous, but great confusion persists regarding the roles, responsibilities and authority of pastors and lay leaders, especially when it comes to organization and leadership. the administration of the Church. Dr. Dever's book should be read by any pastor or lay leader who seeks to lead a healthy, fruitful church. It treats with clarity and insight the theological and practical aspects of matters relating to the office of elder, deacon, pastor, leader, as well as membership, while respecting the historical context of congregational ecclesiastical policies. I have never read such a concise and clear manual on how to organize and lead a healthy, active, biblical Church.
- Brad Wagoner, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Christian Education and Leadership Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

A manifestation of the glory of God takes a biblical approach to a subject that is in dire need of rethinking in our churches today. The strength of this manual lies above all in its recognition of the all-sufficiency of the Scriptures at a time when pragmatism is gaining more and more ground. Dever's steadfast assertion that the Bible is his starting point and his continuing guide should inspire us to examine ourselves and trust him. This booklet is imbued with practical wisdom that flows from a joyful acceptance of the all-sufficiency of the scriptures, as well as a joyful confidence in the wisdom and goodness of God, as the Bible decree shows us. In the present day, careful and conscientious study of this subject from a biblical point of view is woefully lacking. This book is an exception, made all the more useful by its concise and focused approach.
- Mike Bullmore, Associate Professor of Practical Theology Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Senior Pastor of Crossway Community Church, Kenosha, Wisconsin

This succinct and useful manual illustrates how an assembly of believers organized their community life under the authority of Christ. Mark Dever highlights biblical principles handed down through the wise Baptist heritage, but lived in a growing and vibrant assembly, right in the heart of the nation’s capital. Not all readers will be able to agree with all the details of this book, but all those who take the New Testament seriously cannot ignore the questions it asks.
- Timothy George, Dean of the New Testament Beeson Divinity School, Samford University

The greatest merit of this manual is Dever's ability to collect all of the biblical evidence and translate it into an approach to church structures that answers basic questions of planting. Each chapter sets the stage for healthier church politics - a biblical diaconal ministry, a plurality of elders within a global congregationalism, and an advocacy for membership. For all those who feel uneasy about the organization of our churches, this booklet paves the way for a biblical approach that glorifies God.
- John Hammett, Associate Professor of Theology Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mark Dever's book compares to a lever for leaders who seek to bring about profound reform in their churches. It gives clear, biblical answers to the many questions that pastors and leaders ask themselves on these important topics. I would have liked to have had this manual when I began my pastoral ministry. I will recommend it to my classes and across the country to read.
- Don Whitney, Assistant Professor, Spiritual Training Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Table of contents


Chapter I - DEACONS
Chapter II - ELDERS



Original title: A Display of God's Glory
Author : Mark Dever
Publisher: Cruciforme
Publication : September 2019
ISBN : 978-2-924595-61-9
Pages : 74
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 110 g

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