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<transcy>Everyday Evangelism (Une nuée de témoins)</transcy>

Gareth Crossley
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Intimidating Reality: The genuine Christian evangelizes whether he likes it or not! Who feels up to such a duty?

In these pages, the author examines the biblical data concerning evangelism. This work is not limited to a few fanatics but begins in the very heart of God, who calls the believer to participate in it with him. It permeates the whole fabric of life - attitudes, thoughts, worship, words, etc.

The believer therefore mobilizes and gets involved in life by preparing to give a reason for the hope that dwells in him.

At the same time, God calls some to become "evangelists", especially set apart to break into the domain of the enemy. The Church is in great need of such a "spearhead" today for her presence and impact in the world.

The author vigorously distinguishes between the role of the "ordinary" Christian and that of the pioneer whom God calls his Church to support. To each his own role, in order to fight against false guilt or laziness.

The Church of Christ is ever growing and God calls his people to participate!

Table of contents

1 God at Work
2 The Prayer of the Church
3 Believers and Worship
4 Believers in Worship
5 Preaching in the assembly
6 Go, make disciples
7 The friend of sinners
8 The flexibility of the Gospel
9 Willing to give a reason
10 The occasions of providence
11 The need for evangelists
12 The appointment of evangelists
13 The growth of the Church
14 Evangelism and a social presence
15 Mobilizing the Church 130
16 Strategic planning 141
17 Perseverance


Original title : Everyday Evangelism
Author : Gareth Crossley
Publisher : Europresse
Pages : 160
Weight : 210 g
Publication : 1990
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-906287-23-7
Format : paperback