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<transcy>Press on! (Une vie consacrée, une nation transformée)</transcy>

Dave Guiles
by CLÉ
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Discover how James Gribble's life became one of the most inspiring stories of the modern missions era. Stimulating!
Much more than a diary, a pioneer's adventure, or a love story, this is the story of a life of perseverance in the face of insurmountable odds.
Through 42 daily meditations, you will discover the life of pioneer missionary James Gribble who sacrificed himself to bring the Gospel into the heart of Africa. The Bible readings, compelling stories, many original photos, and reflective questions will encourage and challenge you, especially if you are a missionary in the field or on a missionary committee.
This book will also help any follower of Christ to better understand, support, and accompany those who have crossed borders to serve the Lord.
A Consecrated Life, A Transformed Nation will inspire you to renew your passion and commitment to making disciples of Jesus Christ, whether across the street or in the farthest corners of our world!
This book will help you to:
Reflect on the possibility of becoming a missionary.
Meditate for 42 days on the needs of the mission.
Understand the needs of a pioneer missionary.
Support the missionaries your church sends.
Book Highlights:
Challenging testimony.
Original, vintage illustrations.
Easy to read in meditation format.
Reflection questions at the end of each meditation.
Missionaries who have crossed borders to serve the Lord.
Any Christian who is considering becoming a missionary or is involved in a missionary committee.
Any Christian who wants to discover a missionary story.
Includes Reflection questions at the end of each chapter "For those who go" and "For those who send".
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Table of contents
Day 1 Answering the call
Day 2 Walking by faith
Day 3 Surviving Culture Shock
Day 4 Learning to Manage Distractions
Day 5 Achieving a balance between "here" and "there
Day 6 Renewing the Vision
Day 7 Taking stock
Day 8 Assess the cost
Day 9 Assuming celibacy and marriage
Day 10 Harmonize divine guidance with human advice
Day 11 Surviving setbacks and detours
Day 12 Mobilizing the Church in America
Day 13 Preparing to leave (again!)
Day 14 Taking stock
Day 15 Refuse to compromise the call
Day 16 Accept the delay
Day 17 Getting along with teammates
Day 18 Grow through weakness
Day 19 Seek the fullness of the Spirit
Day 20 Keep your eyes on the ultimate prize
Day 21 Take stock
Day 22 Suffer but persevere
Day 23 Engage in spiritual warfare
Day 24 Loose teammates
Day 25 Celebrate answers to persistent prayer
Day 26 Sticking to the basics of the Christian life
Day 27 Regaining a sense of urgency
Day 28 Taking stock
Day 29 Be content with the roles God grants
Day 30 Keeping faith and works in balance
Day 31 Surviving loneliness
Day 32 Make choices that impact the family
Day 33 Rejoice in the first fruits!
Day 34 Submit to human government
Day 35 Taking stock
Day 36 Respond to loss
Day 37 Overcome betrayal
Day 38 Accept the ultimate sacrifice
Day 39 Reflect on costs and rewards
Day 40 Honoring the indispensable role of women
Day 41 Keeping an eternal perspective
Day 42 Take a final look
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Original title: Press on!
Author: Dave Guiles
Publication date: November 2021
ISBN : 978-2-35843-148-4
Pages: 214
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format: Paperback
Weight : 254 g

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