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<transcy>A life of challenges (Une vie de défis - #profitedetajeunesse)</transcy>

Nicolas Blocher
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You have two ways of looking at your youth. The sofa or the springboard. If you jump on both, you'll find that one sends you farther than the other.

We are convinced that God, in saving us, invites us to choose the springboard. The message of the Gospel encourages us to live a "springboard" youth, that is, a useful and fruitful youth who prompts us to see life as a succession of challenges. We believe that such a life pleases and deeply honors God.

In this book, you will see how your life on earth and your eternal existence will be transformed if you choose the springboard rather than the sofa. Better not to jump on the sofas and instead use them to read books ... This one for example?

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Nicolas Blocher
Nicolas is married to Anna and has a baby girl. He studied at a business school and now works in Normandy where he also leads a church planting project. His dream: to see the whole of France turn to Christ.

Benjamin Eggen
Before studying at the Belgian Biblical Institute, Benjamin completed web design studies in Paris. Coordinator of the Rebellution for many years, his heart beats for the advancement of the gospel to the ends of the earth.


“This book is full of meaning! It offers, as you lay your foundations for life, advice, avenues for reflection, questions that will allow you to build your life on stable values. You will be able to orient your personal, relational and spiritual life in phase with faith in Christ and the Spirit of grace. »
–Tony Tornatore, pastor and vice-president of DNJ (National Youth Dynamics)

"The apostle Paul encouraged Timothy thus: 'Let no one despise your youth.' Unfortunately, we live in a time when many young people are the first to despise theirs! And yet, what an extraordinary gift to be saved in his youth! Benjamin and Nicolas understood it and lived it. Their book makes us realize that if God saved you early on, you have no right to waste your good years. They are the springboard for a passionate Christian life! This book is a gift for a new generation, for it is full of helpful tips and tools for living the greatest of challenges: following Christ. »
–Raphaël Charrier, pastor and blogger on

"In this age of minimalism, Benjamin and Nicolas take us back to the essentials of the Gospel. Costs. And inspiring. »
–Emmanuel Maennlein, author of Mediums, astrologers, healers…

What They Don't Tell You and Spiritual Warfare "If you've got this book in your hands, chances are you're young. If you want to make the most of this period of your life, I recommend that you keep this book in your hands and read it! Benjamin and Nicolas present a model of life that is truly worth it: a life lived fully, entirely, with a real purpose and a real purpose. The cry of my heart for this emerging generation is the same as John Piper for the generation to which I belong: “Don't waste your life!”. This book shows how we can do it. "
–Nathan Lambert, church planter in Paris and author of the book God is…

“As we live in the midst of a generation that searches for the meaning of life in all manner of fleeting and meaningless things, Benjamin and Nicolas reveal how to find our real purpose and how to live a life that will actually count. A life of challenges will inspire you to live for the one cause that really matters: Jesus. Do yourself a favor and get this book! "
–Jean-Philippe Beaudry, Impact pastor at the Nouvelle Vie Church, Quebec, Canada

“Thank you for this book which takes young people seriously and thinks them capable of doing great things. In history, young people have often been the determining factor. There is no reason for this to stop, so it's time for them to take on the challenges! »
–Patrick Nussbaumer, director of Jeunesse pour Christ France

“Thank you Lord for this hard-hitting book! You will especially appreciate the biblical and theological roots of their invitation: a life of challenges aimed at the glory of God and flowing from the gospel. Excellent! For a long time, I have been waiting for such a work to place the exhortations to young Christians in a just spiritual perspective. By relying daily on the grace of God, each one will enjoy reading this work, an invitation to enter with zeal into the works prepared in advance by the Lord for him. To read and live. »
–Samuel Boukorras, national director of the youth center of CAEF (Evangelical communities and assemblies of France)

"A life of challenges is a fresh and above all very concrete book that I recommend to all young people looking for action, meaning and truth. It is a book that challenges, motivates, challenges and reassures at the same time. Its depth and very practicality make it an essential guide on this fabulous journey of youth. »
–Meak, author, composer, rapper

"A life of challenges is a slap in the face that calls us to order and makes us think about our youth. It’s worth it because it’s a breath of fresh air, encouragement and good advice. Thank you again for this uplifting book! »
–Solën, 8 years old

“Nicolas and Benjamin want your life to count. They sign a simple and powerful book offering many concrete avenues to guide your path. It’s a direction of thought, coupled with a lot of simple tips on how to get ahead. They know what they are talking about: They have led the Rebellution movement since the Harris brothers laid the foundation a few years ago. Their life matters. And you, you take up the challenge? »
–Florent Varak, director of Church Equipping Network for the Encompass World Partners mission

"The Church needs a new generation who take the challenge of the gospel seriously by living courageously for Jesus. I am grateful to Benjamin and Nicolas for writing this book. Through his examples and practical advice, I believe he will encourage many young people to live their lives with healthy ambition for the glory of God. I especially enjoyed the emphasis on mission with those who have never heard the gospel. It’s a big challenge, but it is worth taking on! »
–Philippe Monnery, secretary general of the FEF Network and director of France Evangelization

“A good slap in our little comforts, but a big leap towards life and its creator. Before you start or slow down your run, equip yourself with this book. »
–Gwenaëlle, 16 years old


Publisher : BLF Éditions
Authors : Nicolas Blocher & Benjamin Eggen
Publication : May 2019
Pages : 143
ISBN : 978-2-36249-475-8
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm
Format : paperback
Weight : 176 g

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