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<transcy>Ordering Your Private World (Une vie intérieure ordonnée)</transcy>

Gordon MacDonald
by Impact
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We have diaries, electronic calendars and all kinds of notepads to help us organize our daily work and social life. What about the organization of the other aspect of our life, ie the spiritual aspect?

One of the toughest battles of our times is unfolding in everyone's private universe. The values ​​of our western culture lead us to believe that the busiest and most active people in the ministry are those who are also the most spiritual.

As we tend to pay more attention to the in the public sphere than in the private sphere, we are investing more and more time in programs and meetings. The weight of our responsibilities at home, at work, and at church has brought many good people to the brink of exhaustion.

In An Orderly Inner Life Gordon MacDonald prepares a new generation of people to live their lives focusing on their private world to achieve the victory necessary for a fruitful public life.


GORDON MACDONALD is an internationally renowned author, speaker and teacher. He was a pastor for over 40 years and most recently a senior minister at Grace Chapel (Lexington, Massachusetts). Gordon has also served as Chairman of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Interim Chairman of Denver Seminary, and Chairman of the Board of World Relief Corporation. Gordon and his wife, Gail, live in the United States, in the state of New Hampshire.


“It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend this book to anyone like me who needs to get their inner life in order. »
- Charles Swindoll, pastor, author of the book Awakening to grace

Table of contents

Preface to the French edition.
Preface to the original edition

1. Bottomless chasm syndrome.
2. Look on the bridge

First part: motivation
3. Trapped in a Golden Cage
4. The Tragic Story of a Successful Rascal
5. Live according to God's call

Part two: the use of time
6. Help, I've wasted my time!
7. Reclaim your time

Part Three: Wisdom and Knowledge
8. The best lost
9. The sad story of the never-read book

Part Four: Spiritual Strength
10. Putting Your Garden In Order
11. External assistance not required
12. The key to success: everything must be recorded
13. Have the gaze of God

Fifth part: the restoration
14. Leisure or rest?

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Original title : Ordering Your Private World
Publisher : Impact
Author : Gordon MacDonald
ISBN : 978-2-89082-332-7
Publication : November 2018
Pages : 287
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 338 g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Andre G
Un livre essentiel

Sur quelle base repose mon service chrétien? L'auteur aborde cette question avec beaucoup de compétence. Ce livre est essentiel pour tout disciple de Jésus, toute personne s'engageant dans des responsabilités.
J'ai découvert (et savouré) ce livre il y a 20 ans, dans le cadre d'une formation de leaders. Il figure jusqu'à présent dans ma liste des dix meilleurs livres évangéliques. Je recommande vivement les livres de Gordon MacDonald qui sont riches, honnêtes et pertinents.

Ruth G.

Ce livre contient un message si important à notre époque quand les apparences sont si importantes mais hélas souvent trompeuses ! C'est un bon rappel que nous devons avoir notre vie intérieure, notre 'jardin secret', bien entretenu.