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The Pursuit of Holiness (eBook) (Vers une vie sainte (eBook))

by Impact
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God gave us the command to be holy, because he is holy… But there are many occasions when Christians give up, victims of this war that sin leads, which decimates the ranks, or at best, urges Christians to find a fragile truce, a meager and unsatisfying compromise with sin, especially in its most difficult forms.

Why is a holy life so rarely our experience? The fundamental problem we face, according to the author, is that Christians have failed to understand their own responsibility for sin. “If we sin,” he wrote, “it is because we have chosen to sin and not because we are unable to resist. We are not defeated, we are simply disobedient ”.

Whether you have long embarked on this assiduous search for real and lived daily holiness, or have given little thought to this question so far, the principles in this book will encourage and challenge you to respond to this urgent call from God, to this command from which we cannot escape: "Seek [...] sanctification, without which no one will see the Lord" (Heb 12:14).

Table of contents

1. Holiness, a matter for you
2. The holiness of God
3. Holiness is not an option
4. The Holiness of Christ
5. A change of kingdom
6. The battle for which holiness is at stake
7. Help for the Daily Battle
8. Obedience, not victory
9. The killing of sin
10. The place of personal discipline
11. The holiness of the body
12. Holiness of Spirit
13. Holiness and Our Will
14. Habits of Holiness
15. Holiness and Faith
16. Holiness in an Unholy World
17. The joy of holiness


Author : Jerry Bridges
Original title : The Pursuit of Holiness
Publisher: Impact
ISBN : 978-2-89082-409-6
Pages : 144
Publication : September 2016
Format : eBook

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