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<transcy>The Transformative Vision (Une vision transformatrice)</transcy>

Brian J. Walsh & J. Richard Middleton
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Where is Christianity hiding?

Our company is enthusiastic about scientific, technological and economic advances. It is deplorable that these advances are all made without taking Christian values ​​into account. Christianity should permeate the structures of our society to the point of influencing its culture. From university studies to politics, from business to family life, the Christian vision can transfigure our world.

To initiate such a reversal, the authors analyze our troubled times, cleverly explain how these troubles appeared and offer us a solution. Their hope is rooted in a clear understanding of the Christian worldview.

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Brian J. Walsh serves as the Reformed Christian Church chaplain at the University of Toronto. J. Richard Middleton teaches Bible studies at Roberts Wesleyan College and teaches The Bible and Culture at Northeastern Seminary in Rochester, New York.


“This book sends an urgent cry to Christians in the hope that they will unite with one heart and one spirit, and that they will recognize that Jesus Christ is Lord of life under all its forms. Read it as an incentive analysis of what prevents such oneness of heart and mind. Go through it also as an imperative to… submit to a single Master. - Nicholas Wolterstorff, Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology, Yale University

Table of contents


A definition of worldviews
Chapter 1: Culture and worldviews
Chapter 2: Analysis visions of the world

The vision of the world according to Scripture
Chapter 3: The foundation: the Creation
Chapter 4: The problem: the Fall
Chapter 5: Redemption and renewal

The modern world view
Chapter 6: The problem of dualism
Chapter 7: The development of dualism
Chapter 8: The Emergence of the Secularized Worldview
Chapter 9: The Gods of Our Time

The Biblical Worldview in Action
Chapter 10: A Christian Cultural Solution < br> Chapter 11: Worldviews and University Reflection
Chapter 12: A Framework of Christian Philosophical Thought


Original title : The Transforming Vision
Author (s) : Brian J. Walsh & J . Richard Middleton
Publisher : Impact Académia
ISBN : 978-2-924743-02-7
Pages : 255
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 334 g
Publication : September 2016
Format : paperback