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<transcy>Living the Unity of the Church - Biblical and Historical Overview (Vivre l'unité de l'Église - Survol biblique et historique)</transcy>

Alfred Kuen
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Unity, yes, but with whom? To what extent and at what cost?
"May they all be one" (John 17:21). The last prayer of Jesus concerns the unity of Christians. The apostles made it their priority. Yet divisions in the Church have drained its lifeblood and weakened the witness of the Gospel to the world.
The prayer of Jesus concerns us all, but how can we put unity into practice? Through a rigorous study of the Bible and history, Alfred Kuen answers the following questions:
- How do the Lord and the apostles view unity?
- How can unity be promoted in the local church?
- How has unity been attacked over the centuries?
- Should we engage in ecumenical outreach efforts?
- What is the purpose of these interfaith dialogues?
- Will syncretism eventually unite all religions?
Author: Alfred Kuen
Publisher: BLF Editions
Publication date: 2011
ISBN : 9782910246914
Pages : 176
Weight : 209 g
Format : Paperback
Size : 13 x 21 cm