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<transcy>Today's Evangelism (Votre évangélisation est-elle biblique ?)</transcy>

Ernest Reisinger
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One of the functions of the Church is to proclaim the gospel, the message of salvation that is in Christ, to the world. The Lord gave this mission to his first disciples and, through them, to each member of his people.

But how do you evangelize to be faithful to Jesus' message? Which methods to use? What message to share and announce? These questions are of great importance, and every child of God desires to be a good witness, so much his desire to do good to others burns in his heart.

A veteran pastor and evangelist, the author has carefully considered what the Bible says on the subject of evangelism. He also observed what is happening in Christendom today. It showed him that sometimes there is a big difference and that this difference is at the root of the spiritual helplessness in the impact of the Church on her generation. The Church has strayed from the biblical model.

With great gentleness and grace, without losing the slightest clarity and firmness, he calls his brothers and sisters to follow the same path as him.

His book is a very useful tool in restoring the Church of Christ to its spiritual strength in a generation plunged into darkness. It also enables the reader to know how to advance towards this unbelieving world with serenity and assurance.


Ernest Reisinger (1919-2004) - Converted in his late teens, he was called to pastoral ministry and served several Baptist churches in his country during a long career. He was also one of the engines for the rediscovery of the Gospel of grace in the evangelical circles of our time. He is the author of several books and multiple articles in this effort.

Table of contents

Introduction: Evangelize or Fossilize?
1 What is evangelism?
Evangelism is a good work
2 The Lord set the goal of evangelism
Make disciples
Baptize them
Teach them
3 Scope and results
4 The doctrinal content of the message
The truths which revolve around the death of Christ
The truths which revolve around the resurrection of Christ
Repentance and forgiveness of sins
5 The necessary authority and power
6 What's the difference?
1. The condition of man
2. The election
3. The atonement performed by Christ
4. The work of the Holy Spirit
5. The power of God to keep the redeemed
The effects of theology
7 The methods of invitation
Four dangers
What is involved in "coming to Christ"
8 Is there a divine method?
What about their methods?
What were the results?
9 Summary and comparison
About the nature of God
About man and his condition before God
About the person and work of Christ
About the sinner's response to Christ
10 Why does not everyone come?
The condition of the unconverted
The efforts of the servant of God
The manner and method of the servant of God
11 The nature of the response se
12 The assurance of grace and salvation
The difference
13 Conclusion
Appendix: the nature of saving faith
A false or illusory faith
Description of the true faith that saves
The operation of the true faith that saves
The differences between true faith and false


Original title: Today's Evangelism
Author : Ernest Reisinger
Publisher: Europresse
Pages: 208
Weight: 250 g
Publication: 2009
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 9782914562461
Format: paperback

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