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<transcy>Excerpt from Memoirs of Rev. George Whitefield (Votre paix est-elle vraie ?)</transcy>

George Whitefield
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Everyone wants to go to heaven, and everyone wants peace. Yet, is it not true that the world of our generation is experiencing less and less peace?

This is nothing new, and the reason is simple. The heart of man is not at peace; not at peace with fellow human beings, not at peace with oneself, not at peace with God…

Many in the world promise peace. How do you know if what these people are offering is genuine peace? Already in the time of the prophet Jeremiah, so long ago, many were saying: “Peace! peace! But as the prophet points out, "There is no peace. "

In this booklet, the author shows the underlying reasons for the lack of peace in humans. It examines and explains how to tackle obstacles to peace, right down to the depths of the human heart. He thus goes back to the true source of peace and makes a passionate appeal to anyone who reads these lines to find peace in one who is both Prince of Peace and Life.


Original title: Excerpt from Memoirs of Rev. George Whitefield
Author: George Whitefield
Publisher: Europresse
Pages: 32
Weight: 26 g
Publication: 2014
Dimensions : 10.4 x 18 cm
ISBN: 9782914562706

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