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<transcy>The Sacred Search (Vous allez dire oui à qui ?)</transcy>

Gary Thomas
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If you don't know why you are getting married, you won't know who to marry. So, you who are not yet married, do not take the plunge until you have read this book!

You don't get married just because you have feelings for each other. But what are the other criteria for choosing the right spouse? And above all, what are the relevant reasons for choosing a spouse? What if God wanted you to marry for your spiritual growth rather than your happiness? What if it wasn't about finding "the right person", but rather serving the One who loves you with infinite love?

The author challenges you to find a valuable partner - one who will accompany you on your spiritual journey. So from now on, aim to build a relationship around a common spiritual mission and place eternity at the heart of your marriage plan.


Gary Thomas, international? speaker, has published several bestsellers on marriage and family, including You said yes to what? . It connects biblical principles and Church history to stimulate our spiritual and relationship growth.


In a culture of the ephemeral that thinks only of the present moment, Gary Thomas calls on us to be wise. His clear and blunt warnings will keep us from making bad choices, and his gracious encouragement will make us want what matters. Friends, it's up to us: let's live against the tide in seeking the glory of Jesus - in this and all areas.
- Benjamin Eggen, coordinator of The Rebelution and student at the Institut Biblique Belgian

“Gary Thomas sees the concerns of our generation clearly and answers the real questions of singles. It exposes the most common mistakes in choosing a mate and brings precious wisdom to anyone who wishes to build a couple to the glory of God. To put in the hands of all single people to see a new generation of strong couples rise! »
- Pauline Jouvet, founder of the blog Libéré pour aimer, author of the book From celibacy to married life

“Gary Thomas has long worked with young men and women as they journeyed, often with difficulty, to marriage. Who are you going to say yes to? will help those who wish to marry pursue this goal in a way that will strengthen their faith, honor God and bless their future spouse. »
- Jim Daly, President of Focus on the family

The pursuit of true love ... This is what drives so many industries and so many people. What if the purpose of dating went beyond finding "the right person"? In his book Who Are You Going to Say Yes to? , my friend Gary Thomas delves into a subject that many believe is an expert on - that of a successful marriage. He shows readers, through a bold, biblical approach, that marriage is not just about who you say yes to, but also why you do so. Are you dating someone? Are you engaged or do you hope to be one day? Then read this book!
- Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church, author of the New York Times bestselling Sexperiment

Table of contents


1. The Story of the Two Tears
2. The big exception
3. Vulnerable and stupid
4. You don't want what you think you want
5. Soulmate or valuable partner?
6. Made For Each Other?
7. Marriage: a religious lottery?
8. Passively undergo or actively seek?
9. What is your style?
10. Are you strong enough to marry me?
11. For a lasting marriage
12. Something you have to agree on
13. Look for a complementary person, not a clone
14. What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
15. A Neurochemical War Against Your Reasoning
16. People with "problems"
17. You will not know your wife until she is thirty-five
18. What about you?
19. Charity marriages

A New Perspective


Original title: The Sacred Search: What if it's not about who you marry,
but why?
Publisher: BLF Éditions
Author: Gary Thomas
Publication: June 2018
ISBN : 978-2-362494-22 -2
Dimensions : 13 x 21 cm
Pages: 320
Format: paperback

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J'ai aimé !! Bon outil dans le choix du conjoint

J'aime beaucoup comment l'auteur aborde les choses de manière pratique et donne des conseils claires et concis sur le choix du compagnon. Je recommande ce livre c'est un bon outil décisionnel pour tous !!!

Jonathan Roy
Jai vraiment aimé la VOA Secret Search

J'ai vraiment aimé la version originale et je trouve que c'est un outil très pratique pour aider les gens dans leurs processus décisionnel pour leurs compagnons de vie futur. Des questions pratique, terre a terre, autant que les répercussions spirituel de mes choix. Car mon choix peut soit m'aider a grandir spirituellement, la ralentir ou même la freiner. Encore une fois c'est un bon outil à avoir.