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5 tips to maximize your summer for Christ

The good weather sets in, the buds are bursting, the scent of the flowers begins to be felt ... In short, summer is approaching. What a great season it is summer! It seems to me that summer is such a wonderful and uplifting season. Fatigue is hardly felt, the mornings seem less painful ... How pleasant summer is!

Dear readers, I wanted to write an encouragement in connection with this season which passes so quickly. As soon as she arrived, she left in less than 4 (months) with everything she had brought: her warmth, her beautiful sunny days and her flowers. You probably agree with me if I say summer is passing too quickly. Between the six weddings, family vacations, work and daily activities with friends (because you don't want to miss one), there is little time to breathe or "waste" time to be quiet… Afterwards, we are surprised not to have seen the summer pass ... hehe!

How then can you enjoy summer without leaving the Lord aside in this whirlwind of festivities? How do we make our summer satisfying while still keeping a fun perspective and giving it eternal significance? Here are some practical tips that will help keep your eyes fixed and your heart set on Jesus during this very pleasant, but very hectic season. Here are 5 suggestions that will help you not to take leave of the Lord…

  1. First and foremost, plan your summer . You have a goal of doing a lot of things this summer. Want to have fun, but don't want to put the Lord aside? Put your summer in perspective. Then determine your goals and objectives for this summer. What exactly do you want to do? You can't do everything, of course, but what really matters to you? Where do you want to get involved and when will you do it? Organize your calendar so that you list the activities and their implications for the dates you already know. In other words, plan your activities for the Lord as when you organize your recreation or vacation. Thus, you will have a good overview of your summer and you will not experience disappointments linked to forgetting an important date, whether it is a girlfriend's birthday or a day of evangelism in which you absolutely wanted to participate. ... There is no secret, knowing how to organize allows us not to forget anything.
  1. Take advantage of the good weather to go pray or read the Word of God outside. The days are longer in the summer. It's clear longer. After a day at work, what better way to go outside to think things through and put your ideas back into place. Whether it's going for a walk or sitting on a park bench, use this time to pray or read your Bible. These personal times in nature are good times to meditate in peace in the midst of the majestic creation of our God.
  1. Invite a friend who does not know the Lord to participate in an activity in your church . People are often more festive during the summer season and they may be more open to discovering new things. Is a fellowship picnic, music performance, Sunday school presentation, athletic activity, or family event hosted by your local church? This is a great opportunity to invite a friend. Your church has nothing on the program this summer? Take the lead and organize something.
  1. Take advantage of your vacation to visit family or friends. Whether or not these people know the Lord Jesus, every opportunity will be good to do good by gestures or words imbued with love This love could be shown, for example, by the help you give to these people during a move, by comforting words, or even by your simple presence. Take time to pray before these meetings and I am sure you will have great surprises! :)
  1. Finally, give your full attention to the Lord and forget about your phone . Do you really want to enjoy the summer? Do you want to taste every moment and not miss a thing? Turn off your phone or forget it during church meetings, when going out with friends, family, or your husband. Our phone is very handy for giving us reminders, for contacting friends, but sometimes it can take up a disproportionate place in our daily lives and disconnect us from reality, from our responsibilities, and cause us to lose our current attention. How difficult it is to leave our device aside during our times of prayer, reading or even during Sunday meetings. This summer, let's learn to use our phone wisely, that is, for the benefits it brings us and not through unhealthy hypnotization. So you are sure to stay "connected" with reality and take advantage of every moment to fraternize, encourage or listen. You will be there, physically and mentally, for Jesus and the others.

I hope these 5 tips will give you a great summer. Take advantage of this beautiful and pleasant season offered to us by our Creator. I encourage you (us) not to forget its existence in your daily life. Because everything we do for ourselves without considering God is worth nothing, but on the contrary when the Lord is considered in our choices, when he is part of our life, of our plans, however banal they may be, this is where every moment of our life takes on its full meaning.

"Then I considered all of my accomplishments, and all the trouble I had taken to accomplish them. And I realized that everything is ridiculous: you might as well run after the wind. There is no benefit to anything you do under the sun ”- Ecclesiastes 2.11

I wish you a wonderful summer, by His grace!

Be blessed dear sisters in Christ!
- AM xx (and thank you very much for continuing to read me)

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