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Fall is coming with all of its tweaks!

The arrival of autumn is already being felt either by the start of the school year if you have young children or simply by the temperature which is slowly changing to colder weather. Either way, we are very busy. We go about occupations that are probably focused on the people around us rather than taking care of us and our spiritual health. However, taking care of one's spiritual health must be a priority!

I recently received John MacArthur's book - " Twelve Extraordinary Women" from the Impact Publishing House for review. This time around, however, I am keen to do something nicer with you, my readers. Something new. I offer you this:

  • Get the book here (as soon as possible) for reading. You have the schedule in PDF format so you can have it ahead of time to follow up, get to know it better, and print it out. Schedule (PDF).
  • Every 10 days or so, on my blog, I will post a summary of what has been most beneficial to me spiritually in reading the chapter and how I will apply it in my daily life.
  • For your part, if you wish, you could share with me and the other readers what touched you, encouraged you and what you learned or liked. As easy as that!
  • The point is not to have big debates about whether we all agree with each other, but to have a respect, a grace and a love in the spirit of sharing the 'with each other on what we will learn together about the lives of these women from the Word of God.
  • You may well fall behind on occasion. This is not a problem! In such a case, you just have to go to the next chapter and continue. Don't give up or stop yourself from continuing for this.
  • This reading will be used to make us take time in the Word of God and to study 12 women of the Bible , which will undoubtedly help us in our spiritual growth.

I think this is a great way to start the fall off right!

I leave you with this quote from MacArthur, hoping to read you in September my dear sisters.

" As you read this book, I hope you will share their faith, imitate their faithfulness, and learn to love the Savior who, as he worked in their lives, made them truly amazing women. By his wonderful grace, your life too can be extraordinary .

Ann L Beaulieu

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