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Be a blessing to others, a permanent gift

I have just returned from a women’s conference that was held in my area. One of the many phrases that caught my attention during the lecture was when the speaker, Ms. Isch, mentioned the following phrase: " be a blessing to others " . As Christmas approaches, I find this expression really meaningful. Indeed, Jesus was literally a blessing to all of us as he came to earth, and during his time there He taught how to be a source of blessing to others. In the Bible, we can also observe several characters who had an impact on others, sometimes bad, sometimes in the form of a blessing. Of course, we all have an impact on others, on those around us, at work, with our friends and in the Church. We must constantly remember that God created us to relate to others. Every day, we meet people. In His perfect plan, God wants us to relate to others, for there is something divine to learn. Give oneself for one's friends (Jn 15.13), serve others (1 Pet 4.10), love one's neighbor as oneself (Mt 22.39), bless one's enemy (Lu 6.27), take care of the widow and the orphan (Ja 1.27) are all commandments from God which, when put into practice, transform our selfishness and make us more and more like our Lord Jesus.

But how can you be a blessing to others?

In order to be a true blessing to others, you must first accept the situations you find yourself in and eliminate phrases like "why me?" We need to realize that our life matters to God first, and that our life has an impact on someone, whatever the situation. God puts us in different situations and we have to make an impact from there. I am well aware that this is not always obvious ... But is it not, in these moments, that the grace of God and the power of the Spirit unfurl? God gives us all talents, gifts, and it is with these that we can bless others, no matter the situation: illness, poverty, injustice, etc. Our attitude in the face of difficulties is a form of blessing. We must live for others and not for ourselves, even if it is difficult. It’s not me saying it, it’s Jesus the master of everything and our friend who wants our good. Paul, Pierre, Jacques and Jean also went further in their various epistles. It is by living this way for others that the reason for life on earth becomes meaningful.

This is a very interesting quote from a man who has gone through excruciating pain of losing his entire family twice; first in a Nazi extermination camp, and secondly, in the burning of their house. This proven man said: “ How and why to live if only our race excites us? ” (Martin Gray). If this man had only lived for himself, for his personal happiness, he would probably not have survived after these two horrible ordeals ... Alas, we are so preoccupied with our own goals, with looking after our own needs - although some are legitimate - that we forget the others. " Our faith has become formalistic ", mentioned the speaker. Our faith has lost its humanitarian flavor. All the simplicity of a smile, of welcoming people to your home, of being there for others, got complicated and turned into "I'm too tired to smile", "my house is not clean enough to receive ”,“ I don't have time ”,“ I… I… I… ”." Where has the simplicity gone? ", launched the speaker with wet eyes. Then, she continued by taking the example of African women whom she knows who, despite their husbands having died, their home was engulfed in flames, continue to persevere and be a blessing to their children and those around them. Every day, they redouble their efforts so that, by the little money they earn, one of their child can have the opportunity to go to school one day ... They get their hands dirty to help a child. friend in need. While in our eyes they don't seem to have anything, on the contrary, they have EVERYTHING. They have a wealth that I do not have, I can see it ... All these women took up challenges, they accepted their lives and shared them with others; they are true blessings for others.

So in light of this encouragement, what is the talent, the gift that God has given you to be a blessing to others? Do you have manual talent, do you have a passion for writing, for music, for singing or for the arts. Do you like to cook? Has God showered you with material blessings (accommodation, special financial means)? How easy is it to listen to people? Are you a person of prayer? Wise? We have all received spiritual gifts, but we all also have more natural gifts that we can use to bless others. What can you do, concretely, today?

Coming back from Mrs. Isch's lecture, whose message had so deeply touched my heart, I had food to prepare and tasks to accomplish. So I decided to adopt a whole different attitude, that of joy ... In the evening, my husband said to me: " we had a really good day! ". Still, we hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, but it was all about my attitude. I had fun cooking for him and doing other chores. So in this simple situation, I was able to do my husband good, be nice to him, and be a blessing to him. I encourage you to give it a try, you'll see! Ask the Lord to guide and help you, for without Him all of this is far too difficult, if not impossible.

Finally, few of us will shine internationally for their faith or for what they do, but we all have an impact, a legacy left behind. What will it be? What will we say about us?

Lord, great God, forgive my selfishness which I have dragged along for too long already. Teach me to be a blessing to others in the simplicity of my daily life. I want to leave a beautiful legacy that glorifies you. Lord Jesus, as Christmas approaches, teach me how to become a permanent gift to those around me. Amen!

Bless you, AM xxx

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