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Les nouveautés du mois d’octobre de Publications Chrétiennes

The novelties of October from Christian Publications

Below is the list of books that Publication Chrétiennes published in October.

The Parables of Jesus - Gordon Keddie - Europresse

As long as the world lasts, Jesus' parables will continue to call on man to come to the Savior in repentance and faith.

In their very simplicity, shines with force the invitation of grace to come to God in repentance, faith and reconciliation by the new way which is opened in this Jesus Christ who gave these same accounts so ago a long time.

In this contemporary perspective, the author seeks to capture this essential simplicity of parables. With touches of remarkable sensitivity, it allows them to live today, to envelop us and to touch our hearts with force and with inevitable clarity.

Above all, these stories depict the coming, the nature, the identity and the perfection of this work of which God is the author - his kingdom, a tiny seed at the beginning which becomes a huge tree, a small stone which ends with fill the earth.

But, according to Jesus, the parables have a mysterious aspect. In fact, they hide the terms of salvation for one whose mind or heart is not lighted by the Spirit of God. He thinks he understands them, but it is only according to the flesh; therefore he does not derive any spiritual and lasting good from it. That is why it behooves everyone to come and beg the author of the parables to cover them with the anointing of his Spirit.

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Christian life is a vocation - Paul Helm - Europresse

The Christian life begins when we hear and respond to the "call" of Jesus Christ. Like the first disciples of Jesus, we must then “leave everything” in order to follow the Master.

But, does that mean that I have to enter what is commonly called "full-time Christian service"? How do I devote myself to witnessing for Jesus Christ when I have to spend so much time and energy doing an "ordinary" job?

The author believes that the lives of many Christians have been disfigured by the thought that the only valid way for a believer to live is to engage in some sort of "Christian" career. In fact, God calls the vast majority of Christians to serve him wherever they are, wherever he has placed them, in the shop or in the office, in the store or on the job site. This book shows that instead of dissecting life into compartments ("spiritual" and "secular"), it is better to view each moment that is given to us as an opportunity to live fully for the glory of God. A welcome antidote for a modern Church.

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The war of spectacles - Tony Reinke - Cruciforme Editions

What images should nourish our eyes? We often leave this question unanswered. In reality, we prefer to avoid it. However, viral videos, digital images, and many other forms of visual entertainment surround us constantly, vying for our time, attention, desire, and money. So we let our lazy eyes feed on whatever comes our way.Therefore, we never stop to consider the impact of our visual diet on our habits and desires

Tony Reinke has reflected on these difficult questions himself, criticizing his own habits. He now presents his findings to us after analyzing the possibilities and pitfalls of an image-centric world. In the end, it shows us the beauty of a greater spectacle that is able to refocus our souls, fill our hearts and stabilize our gaze on the essential in this age of digital spectacle.

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Grace defined and defended - Kevin DeYoung - Éditions LaRochelle

Grace is a central doctrine of the gospel that must be clearly defined so that it can be celebrated, savored and firmly defended. In this book, Kevin DeYoung takes us back to the Canons of Dordrecht, a 17th century document originally written to precisely and faithfully define this precious doctrine.

Through the three sections of the book which cover respectively history, theology and practical application, the author explores what led to the writing of the Canons, the relevance of the five doctrines they explain and the importance of this document for the Christian faith today.

At a time when so many people are content with vague generalities that dilute the truth, Kevin DeYoung shows us how the Canons of Dordrecht constitute a faithful testimony of the precise nature of God's supernatural, sovereign, redemptive and regenerative grace.

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The second oblivion - Benjamin Mast - Éditions Impact

Many people will spend much of their retirement caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or experience the effects of the disease first-hand. Through the stories of many people who live this reality, Benjamin Mast shows us how it is possible to cling to the hope and the power of the Gospel, despite the suffering and the challenges associated with this disease. .

Drawing on the theme of remembrance in the Bible and on God's commitment to remember his people, the author answers common questions about Alzheimer's disease and then explains its effects on it. personal identity and faith. He also gives several practical suggestions on how the Church can offer help and hope to families and victims of this debilitating disease.

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The Gospel According to God (Isaiah 53) - John MacArthur - Impact Editions

Often regarded as one of the most important passages in the Bible, Isaiah 53's prophecy about the Suffering Servant foretells the crucifixion of Jesus, the central event in God's ultimate plan for the redemption of the world.

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This book explains, verse by verse, the prophetic words of Isaiah 53, while highlighting the important connection this passage has with the history of Israel and the New Testament. He shows us how this ancient prophecy exposes the essential truths that are still so relevant today to our lives.

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