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9 convictions concernant un éveil spirituel dans la francophonie

9 convictions concerning a spiritual awakening in the Francophonie

We are in great need of preaching the gospel at this time. The Word of God and the cross of Jesus Christ are the only hope of salvation for fallen mankind. Christian Publications recently implemented a 5-year strategic plan that aims to equip French-speaking churches.

With God's help and blessing, we are committed to:

  1. Always view the local church as being at the heart of God's work in the world.

We love the local church, and each member of our leadership team is involved in their own local church. We are convinced that the local church is the means designed by God to make disciples and to reach all nations. The purpose of the work that we do is to serve the local Church and to help it accomplish the mission that God has entrusted to it since if a revival must take place in the Francophonie, we believe that it will be done through from the church. Concretely, our partnership with 9Marks gives us access to some of the best texts relating to the Church that we are able to translate and make available to everyone, in the form of books or articles available on the Internet.

  1. Courageously and faithfully uphold our attachment to conservative Christian convictions.

We will not change our beliefs with the times. We will continue to base our convictions on the Bible and trust in the all-sufficiency of the cross of Christ. We seek to produce accessible content that draws on the doctrinal riches of the Christian faith that have passed through the history of the Church, in order to help as many people as possible to flourish within their families. , their Church, their vocation, their community and their nation. Our goal is that believers are able to defend themselves against secularism, false religions and atheism, that they are engaged with a solid theological foundation. To quote John Piper, we are sensitive to suffering, especially eternal suffering. Thus, the Great Commission given to us by Christ, directing us to make disciples, animates all our efforts to reach people. Our partners such as Ligonier and Grace to You, ministries that are grounded in scripture and sound doctrine, serve as role models and mentors to whom we are indebted.

  1. To be oriented on sound doctrine.

According to R. C. Sproul, the greatest proof of love that we can offer people is the truth. He also said that a righteous thought precedes a righteous life. Our perception of God dictates who we are. It penetrates the core of our beliefs and determines our values, goals and decisions. Theology is about knowing who God is in order to worship him and enjoy his presence forever. For over 60 years, Publications Chrétiennes has been committed to following sound doctrine and, with the help of the Lord, will continue to keep this commitment.

  1. Invest in digital technology, audiobooks and e-books, and digital distribution.

As the world is constantly evolving technologically, we have a firm belief that, in the providence of God, technology can contribute to the advancement of the gospel through the Church. We are aware that technology can also have a negative influence on society, because of sin.However, we seek to use it in a way that honors God, equipping the saints for the work of the ministry and for building His Church (Ephesians 412-16).

Currently, we are setting up projects and creating partnerships that allow us to produce digital content that we offer online and offline. Our digital content is available online through our blog, our podcasts, eBook sales, our partnership with Logos, and soon to be audiobook distribution on the web. We are also working with local missionaries to distribute our content offline through our Digital Library for Pastors , which contains key works by John MacArthur and many other faithful Bible teachers. If one of our goals is, in particular, to equip churches in Africa with works centered on the Gospel, we must adopt different approaches and do business with reliable partners who work directly in the field. < / p>

  1. Publish works that touch on each stage of the Christian life.

We find that the lack of Bible knowledge is a worldwide problem that prevents believers in our churches from becoming mature in their faith. We therefore seek to publish the best books and make available the best texts that will enable believers today to pass on the truths of God to the next generation. We publish books written by a variety of trusted authors that touch every stage of the disciple-making process. In 2024, we will release the Reformed Study Bible . This will represent an important step for the teaching of Reformed theology in the Francophonie.

  1. Gather Christians in community.

As iron sharpens iron, so Christians should encourage one another to love God with all their heart, strength, and mind. Together with trusted partners, we bring believers together at conferences, training sessions and events in the United States. We organize these events in different francophone communities, always in partnership with a local ministry and with the support of the local churches. Our first event was organized in collaboration with Grace To You and consisted of the launch of the book Systematic Theology by John MacArthur. During this event, we gave the book to all the participants. Our first international event took place in October 2019 in Paris with John Piper. We donated over 1,000 pounds. As we grow spiritually in the presence of our Christian community, we can only love God more and serve him more faithfully.

  1. Understand that the best work is done through trusted partnerships.

There is too much work to do to do it alone. If we are to carry out our mission of equipping the Church, we must call on partners who share our theological and pastoral convictions. Thanks to our close relationships with several Canadian and American ministries, we are able to provide excellent resources to French-speaking churches around the world.

  1. We adapt to the particular needs of local churches by collaborating with local partners.

When we work in another country, we educate our partners about the particular problems and challenges facing their local churches. Together, we find solutions that meet the needs of those churches. This means, among other things, that we are ready to print books locally in their country, even if it means a decrease in print quality. We strive not to impose anything on our partners, but we provide them with the resources they need to accomplish the work God has entrusted to them.

  1. Equipping pastors and leaders.

We are determined to equip preachers and teachers of the Word of God. A properly trained Bible teacher will have a significant influence on the spiritual growth of the sheep entrusted to him or her. To support the Church, we work with our partners to deliver key books in digital or paper format at strategic times. In 2019, we donated 2,000 copies of John Piper’s book The Worship and Preaching to pastors and Bible students. This year, we will be donating 2,000 copies of the classic book La holeté de Dieu by R. C. Sproul.

Our God is at work all over the world. It is a joy for us to know that we play a part in this work, however small it may be.

Please consider contributing financially to the work of Publications Chrétiennes. The work we do will have repercussions into eternity, because we are involved in the possibility of an awakening to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the French-speaking world.

There is a lot of work to be done. We are committed to doing it with the strength that Christ will provide us, and all for his glory.

Please pray for the ministry of Christian Publications. And if you see God's will in it, your gift will help us serve the Church. Thank you!

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