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Les programmes d’enseignement pour enfants

Children's education programs

If you're looking for kids' programs that aim to make disciples, while being innovative, fun, and family-centered, you'll be spoiled for choice. Yet many Sunday school officials told us that they were not happy with the existing programs. Although they appreciate its creativity, and the way it responds to the desire of parents who seek to make disciples of their children, they fear that the main message of these programs may be reduced to a commandment: "be wise."

Telling Bible story after Bible story sometimes causes us to lose sight of the good news of what Christ's work did to save the lost. In other words, when we focus on behavior, we miss out on the change of heart that the gospel brings about. Worse yet, we condition our children to believe that they are the main characters in the Bible.

The Gospel Project aims to provide a gospel-centered education program for children. In our chronological overview of Bible stories, we want children to discover the following truths:

Truth # 1: The Bible tells a great story.

When we teach Bible stories out of context and derive moral lessons from them, we make the Bible appear like Aesop's fables - engaging tales that offer moral principles.

Yet while the Bible contains moral principles and some truly extraordinary stories, it actually tells one great story. All of these stories fit together to tell the story of our world - to tell us where we've come from, and where we're going.

We believe that children should understand how these different Bible stories relate to each other.

Truth # 2: God is the main character in the Bible.

Once we understand that the Bible tells one great story, it remains for us to find out that we are not the main characters. The Bible is centered on God. The hero is him.

Yes, these stories teach us moral principles. However, before drawing the moral conclusion from a story, we must ask ourselves a question: "What does this story tell us about God?" What divine characteristics or attributes does this story highlight? The great story the Bible tells is that God redeemed his creation - this world which he had created perfect, and which is now corrupted by sin. We must therefore seek to identify the image of God that the smallest Bible stories reflect.

Truth # 3: The Bible directs our gaze to Jesus.

I often tell people (to disturb them a bit, I admit!) that Bible studies don't necessarily have the effect of changing our lives. In other words, just knowing the Bible does not mean that the Word will bear fruit in our lives. It is possible to know the scriptures, read the scriptures, revere the scriptures, and study the scriptures while missing the essentials. Thus, Jesus told the religious leaders of his day that despite their extensive knowledge of the Old Testament, they had not seen its central truth - namely, that it is of Jesus that the Old Testament bears witness. / p>

Whenever we study the accounts of the Bible, we should seek to understand how they direct our gaze to Christ.If the Word of God transforms us, it is not because we make all our efforts to study it, but because it introduces us to its author, Jesus

Truth # 4: The Bible calls us to obedience rooted in the gospel and in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Back to moral principles and how they are put into practice. Are these principles present in the Bible? Absoutely. However, biblical behavior is not the result of duty or coercion.

God cares about our hearts. He is not transformed because he obeys the commandments of the Law, but because he is overflowing with love for the Savior. It is when we taste the grace of what God has done for us in Christ that our hearts are released to worship and obey.

So when we ask our children to keep commandments, let's show them how the Holy Spirit, through the gospel, empowers them to obey them.


The purpose of our Bible studies program is to know God and make him known. The Bible reveals that Jesus Christ is the focal point of human history. Everything was created by him, through him, and for him, and all creation is sustained by him. Our curriculum should exist for him as well. It’s the only type of Bible study that will change your life.

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These Bible studies are taken in their entirety from the first volume of our program, entitled "The Story Begins." They are separated into three age groups: toddlers, young children and older children. We encourage you to evaluate this material, circulate it within your ministry, and use it in your classrooms at your convenience.

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