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Nouveauté de Kevin DeYoung «Les dix commandements»

New from Kevin DeYoung "The Ten Commandments"

Today is the big day!

In the last few weeks, we have published several articles and quotes from Kevin DeYoung's new book The Ten Commandments in preparation for today's launch.

In this video , Kevin DeYoung explains why he wrote this book.

Below you will find links to some excerpts from the book which will give you a good overview of the content of this book.

Why should we study the Ten Commandments?

Kevin DeYoung

Have you ever thought about how life would be so much better if everyone kept the Ten Commandments? Today, however, even in churches, there is sometimes a profound disinterest, even unease, in spending time studying the moral code of the Bible. We need to be convinced again that the Ten Commandments matter and deserve our greatest attention. Here are five reasons for this.

Five reasons to keep the Ten Commandments

Kevin DeYoung

The Ten Commandments should not be ignored. It is important to study and understand them. But of course, it is even more important to obey them. God is not impressed by a careful intellectual analysis which places the Decalogue at the center of the disciple's life. He expects his disciples to actually follow these prescriptions. However, he wants them to do it for the right reasons.

Here is a recommendation from Florent Varak:

"Kevin DeYoung walks through the Ten Commandments, showing, as usual, a real pastoral concern. His analysis, precise and steeped in the Reformed tradition, is accompanied by a series of clear and relevant applications for the Christian life. DeYoung begins by explaining why the Church must once again realize the seriousness and relevance of the Decalogue. He reminds us that these commandments are not meant to gain God's approval, but rather to express our gratitude to him. Above all, our obedience to these transcendent and universal commandments should not be a burden. It should flow from the joy felt by every child of God who has been freed from sin by the gospel. ”
–Florent Varak, pastor, author, international director of Encompass church development, professor at the Biblical Institute of Geneva

Enjoy your reading!

The Publications Chrétiennes team


A check the book

"This book by Kevin DeYoung is not a simple reminder, but a biblical and theological invitation to revisit the Decalogue, these ten essential words which are still addressed to us today. It will be especially helpful in home groups or small group Bible studies in your local church. In addition, I strongly recommend it to theology students as a reference tool. Kevin DeYoung succeeds in putting these ten ancient moral and religious instructions back at the center of our Churches and our society. ”
–Jean-Christophe Bieselaar, Ph. D.; responsible for graduate studies and professor at the School of Evangelical Theology of Quebec (ETEQ) in partnership with Laval University; pastor of Alliance Chrétienne Missionionnaire church, Gatineau

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