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Nouveautés : Mai 2017

Released: May 2017

Here is a description of the new books that will be released in May. Be sure to check out our online catalog to see all the new releases from the past few months. You can browse the catalog by searching by category, series or author.

Textual sermons
David Helm

What characterizes good preaching?

In this simple and accessible little book, Pastor David Helm outlines what it takes to know and what it takes to become a faithful teacher of the Word of God.

In addition to offering detailed, practical advice for experienced preachers and preachers in training, this book equips every Christian with the tools they need to learn to recognize the signs of good preaching.

"If I taught a preaching class and could only recommend one book for students to read, it probably would be this one." She is a rare find who introduces the subject to the novice as well as she instructs the experienced person. David's humility convinces, rebukes, instructs, and encourages me as a preacher. I pray that she will do the same for you. "

- MARK DEVER, pastor and president of 9Marks

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Marvel them by God
Kevin DeYoung

We want the new generation of young Christians to understand the basic truths, live their faith and communicate it in the right way. But what's the secret to reaching them?

In this little book, Kevin DeYoung enlightens us on how to present Christian doctrine and practice in a way that speaks to adolescents, students, young adults, and others in need of a better understanding. from what they believe.

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Essentials of Christianity
John Stott

What, after all, is Christianity? Many ask themselves this question, convinced that it is a good religion, but which lacks intellectual rigor. In this book, John Stott examines the assertions that form the foundations of Christianity. It presents the Christian faith in a rigorous way, drawing on the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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When helping hurts
Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

How can a local church make a difference? How can we usefully reflect the grace of Christ despite the inequalities around us?

The authors of this book introduce us to the issue of world poverty from a biblical, theological and strategic perspective. They cause us to rethink how we apply the gospel to a broken world.

By examining Bible principles related to everyday situations, this book shows us how to offer practical help and gracious answers to those in need.It leads to a real understanding of poverty, while presenting us with a plan to reduce it

This book is proving to be a practical tool for anyone who wants to adequately serve those who suffer from poverty.

“This book is a work of great importance for churches, Christian leaders and for every believer in the Francophonie. His message is absolutely essential. As Christians together seek to better serve those who suffer from poverty through actions and approaches that go far beyond paternalism, this book helps them make a difference and leave an important mark on the kingdom of God in this world […] which needs help and hope. "
- Claude Houde , pastor of the New Life Church in Longueuil (Quebec)

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