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Nouvelles de la semaine (le 16 août)

News of the week (August 16)


Many of you are still on vacation, but I see on Facebook that many of you are still reading! I love seeing pictures of your reading time on the beach in the sun so much! Thank you for your recommendations last week. You are reading excellent books and making progress in your knowledge of the Word of God.

We are very happy to reveal the titles of the new books that we will be publishing in September and October. There will be books by John MacArthur, Paul Washer, R.C. Sproul, John Piper, Mark Dever, Mark Jones and Gilles Despins, among others!

Even though our release schedule was set eighteen months ago, we are grateful because in God's providence there will be among our novelties books dealing with the importance of the assembled Church, abortion, the question of gender, spiritual disciplines, evangelization, and above all an excellent book about the heart of Christ.
Sweet and Humble Heart by Dane Ortlund is our next big launch. There are special things planned for the release of this book . It's too early to tell you everything, but I want to give you a taste of this event by telling you about a project related to the launch of this book. We have produced a 14-episode podcast, which we will be launching in September, based on the content of this book. Here is the trailer and the first episode. Click here for receive these meditations as soon as they are available.


We have many books that include free study guides . These resources are ideal if you want to study a book with a small group or with a friend. Click here to see the list of study guides available for free download. Once this document has been downloaded, you can purchase the book on our website, or at any Christian bookstore of your choice.


God is the Gospel by John Piper is the # 1 bestseller for the third consecutive month at Maison de la Bible bookstore in Paris. We are encouraged that so many people are reading this important book, which helps us understand that the precious blessings of the gospel are not, in the end, what makes the Good News good.

Rather, their role is to bring us to see and fully appreciate our Savior himself. Forgiveness is good because it opens the way to joy in God. Justification is good because it allows us to access and revel in the presence of God. Eternal life is good because it promises an infinite source of enjoyment with our Savior.

If you haven't read this book, it is available for 10 Canadian dollars at Publications Chrétiennes or 10 euros at BLFStore or House of the Bible

If you have read This book, I invite you to rate it and leave a little comment on the site of your favorite bookseller. Send me the link to your review and I will send it to you by email a free PDF copy of Tony Reinke's book, The War of the Spectacles.

What is a Church member?

Church membership is a declaration of heavenly citizenship. It's a passport. This is an announcement made in the kingdom of Christ newsroom. It is the declaration that one is an official, authorized and committed representative of Jesus Christ.

I offer you another definition which will perhaps be clearer: the status of member of the Church implies a formal relationship between a Church and a Christian, where the Church attests to the good functioning of a Christian and watches over him, and where the Christian submits to the Church to live his life as a disciple under his care.

In other words, when you join the Church, the Church assumes the responsibility of looking after you, just as you are responsible for it.

For more information, I encourage you to read the book Joining a Local Church by Jonathan Leeman

In the last email, I spoke about the assassination of the President of Haiti. Haiti suffered a magnitude 7.2 earthquake last week.We reached out to our partners and were relieved to learn that they are all doing well, but many churches were totally destroyed by the earthquake. Please pray for this country and its Church.


In September, we are releasing the book Rediscovering the Local Church. We pray that the Lord will use this book to teach people about the importance of the local church. The Church is more than just a live broadcasting service. It is an essential gathering of the people of God and, in so doing, contributes to the mission of God. Pray with us that this book will help Christians grow in their love and commitment to the local Church.


Keep praying for our editing team. We have a lot of projects going on. We are working on a Bible dictionary that we want to make affordable, as well as The Gospel Project, a Sunday teaching program, as well as over 20 new features that will be released before the end of the year!

Soli deo gloria,

Daniel Henderson
Strategic director
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