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Nouvelles de la semaine (le 23 août)

News of the week (August 23)

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Would you like to own a little book that is easily given to someone and that responds to important questions of the Christian life? I do, and that's why I'm glad we translated the " Questions series books " from RC Sproul. These little books of about 70 pages answer important questions of the Christian life by basing themselves on the Scriptures and without falling into superficiality.

Here is more good news to about these books: they are very affordable!

In order to enable Christians to better understand the content of their faith, the reason why they believe, how to practice their faith and how to communicate it, We offer the digital version of all books in the series " Questions Crucial " by RC Sproul free of charge for an unlimited time.

We are offering the paper version of these books to at a very affordable price in order to encourage people to get them and to give them to other people.

During the next we will be producing these books in audio format. On today, we did two.

Here is the complete list of free digital books in the series " Questions crucial ”which are currently available in French.

Sweet and humble heart of Dane Ortlund is our next big launch. We have for exceptional things for the release of this book. Among other things, we are going to print 30,000 copies, which is unheard of to Publications Chrétiennes. We have produced a 14 episode podcast, which we will be launching at the start of the school year, based on the content of this book. Here is the trailer and the first episode . Click -here to receive these meditations as soon as they are available.


Paul Washer is certainly one of our favorite authors thanks to his works which are deeply Biblical Also, let me speak from experience, Paul is a great man of God. When I saw that we had already received his new book on our premises, I immediately wanted to make it available.

In The Essential Means of Grace , Paul Washer examines the three fundamental gifts that God grants to believers for their spiritual growth:

  • the Scriptures,
  • prayer
  • as well as participation in the life and ministry of the local Church.
Our desire to live an extraordinary experience should never lead us to neglect the ordinary means that God gives us for our sanctification. On the contrary, let us dedicate to these ordinary means of grace, and depend on the Spirit so that we become alike and useful to Christ in an extraordinary way.
Buy the book
  1. Researcher's Bible Commentary, Old Testament
  2. Researcher's Bible Commentary, New Testament
  3. Be a member of a local church (9Marks)
  4. Should we get engaged?
  5. A ministry to of children centered on the Gospel

What should it involve for a Christian to a church?

If Jesus instituted the local Church by endowing it with authority over us, then we cannot join it as to a club or to a voluntary association; we submit to his authority as we do in governments Church and government both represent the authority of Jesus, albeit in different ways. Even pastors and Church leaders must submit to the Church in this way. The Church must also confirm their citizenship, through Holy Communion.

Please understand me. From the perspective of a non-Christian, a local church is just a voluntary association. No one needs to become a member. From a Christian's point of view, however, things are different. Once you choose Christ, you must choose his people at the same time. This is a global offer. Choose the Father and the Son, and you have to choose the whole family, which is done by joining to a local Church.

Also, the way the Church exercises the authority that Christ has given her is very different from that of the State. "Jesus called them, and said: Ye know that the rulers of the nations are tyrannical over them, and that the great shall serve them" ( Mt 20.25 ). Jesus goes on to say that Christian authority is manifested in the gift of his life for his neighbor, as he himself did for us (vv. 26-28). Christian authority is also manifested in the transforming meekness and power of the Word and the Spirit, not by force or compulsion.

Jesus wants Christians to willingly give themselves (submit) to a local church.

To find out more, I encourage you to read the book Be a member of a Local Church by Jonathan Leeman

We have started to working with ELEAF ministries which form of reading groups with of pastors. The objective is to train and equip these men in matters of sound doctrine and good ecclesiology. For two years, we have been printing our books directly in Africa. This has reduced our printing costs and made our books more accessible.

We have of groups in Benin and Togo. Here are some photos.

Here is a note from one of the pastors:

Good evening pastors,

Since I opened The Intentional Church , I feel that the Head of the Church has decided to speak to his servant-pastors and blow a wind of change in these Churches I am at the fiftieth page, I assure you that many things will already change in my personal life and that of the church. I really enjoyed the Four Ps of chapter 1. I give thanks to God for the promoters of this program. May God bless you abundantly.

Please pray for these men who seek to to be faithful. They have no recognized training, but have dedicated their lives to guiding the church that God has entrusted to them.

Soli deo gloria,

Daniel Henderson
Strategic director
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