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Voici pourquoi Dieudonné Tamfu recommande la lecture du livre « La théologie biblique »

Here is why Dieudonné Tamfu recommends reading the book "Biblical theology"

Biblical theology is fundamental for all Christians. This is especially important for Bible teachers and preachers who want to accurately and faithfully present the person of Jesus as presented throughout Scripture, and especially the Old Testament. In recent years, the English-speaking world has seen a giant wave of sermons and books focused on biblical theology. However, as far as the French-speaking world is concerned, there is still a gaping hole. Because they do not have the same resources, preachers rarely preach outside of the New Testament, and Christians find it difficult to interpret and apply the promises of the Old Testament correctly.

Without biblical theology, our interpretation of the scriptures can become deeply flawed, and this can prevent us from properly exalting Christ. Worse yet, it can lead to false teachings or preaching that does not teach all of God's counsel (Orthodox Marcionism).

With this book, which constitutes a simple but not simplistic introduction to biblical theology, Roark and Cline wish to spare us these problems. They argue that what we do with biblical theology determines how we talk about the gospel of Christ, and they teach readers how to faithfully expose the gospel from any part of scripture with techniques exegetics that take into account the great history of the Bible. The authors remedy some false teachings, such as the prosperity gospel, which have their roots in a superficial, nonexistent, or distorted approach to biblical theology.

If you are still not convinced that Biblical theology is important, remember that our Lord himself was a Biblical theologian. When Jesus was resurrected, he went to his disciples and explained how the entire Old Testament referred to him. It was their first introduction to biblical theology. Roark and Cline, following in Christ's footsteps, help us read the scriptures as Jesus did with his disciples. Their book is a very good guide for beginners and experts.

It is my prayer that many believers in the French-speaking world read this book and that Jesus opens their minds as he did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus, in order to raise up preachers and teachers who revere, revel in Christ, preach and teach about him in every part of scripture with faithfulness guided by the Spirit.

- Dieudonné Tamfu, Ph. D.
Pastor, Baptist Bethlehem Church, Yaoundé, Cameroon; Assistant Professor of Bible and Theology, Director of the Cameroon Extension Site, Bethlehem College & Seminary

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