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Voici pourquoi Douglas Virgint recommande le livre «Dieu m'a créé comme je suis»

Here is why Douglas Virgint recommends the book "God Created Me As I Am"

So many broken lives, so many sorrows and problems are linked to cases of child sexual abuse.

Among the wonderful gifts of God to humans are marriage and sexuality. Our enemy, Satan, is doing everything possible to destroy the institution of marriage, which is one of the pillars of society. And he exerts all his efforts to twist sexuality. The sexual abuse of children is one of his effective tactics to achieve this goal.

What percentage of our children in Quebec have been sexually abused? For centuries this scourge has been hidden. Today we talk about it more openly, but we find it difficult to understand the importance of the problem. My personal experience in preparing couples for marriage leads me to believe that in Mauricie, where I have exercised my ministry, at least 30% of young girls have been victims of sexual abuse. Nothing suggests that the situation is very different elsewhere in Quebec.

For several years now, I have had the privilege of teaching the Word of God in Europe, and I was amazed to see that this scourge was so widespread on the old continent. It is talked about less - it is almost taboo - but obviously, even if I am not in a position to give statistics, the problem is obviously widespread.

It's harder for me to assess the situation for the boys. Men, even more than women, tend not to want to talk about these things. However, the reality is that many of them have also been victims of sexual abuse .

After all these years of ministry during which I have met girls and women who have been abused, after seeing many lives and marriages broken or affected by this sin, it seems to me that more needs to be done. 'efforts to do prevention.

Every parent wants to protect their children. However, abusers are often trusted people, such as family members, coaches or teachers. In addition to all our efforts to protect our children, we must equip them, make them understand which physical contact is not appropriate, teach them to say no, as well as get them to immediately report any wrongdoing.

This is why Christian Publications published this book, God created me as I am . It contains beautiful images as well as delicate, easy-to-understand language. It is a tool that every parent can use to bring up this crucial topic with their young children, and even older children.

Every family should equip themselves with this book. Every church should make sure that every family has this tool. For this purpose, we have decided to sell this book at the lowest possible price. It is available in all Christian libraries in Quebec and in Europe. Help us to educate people around you about this topic by doing prevention through this book. So many people in our churches live with the guilt and problems associated with sexual abuse. Prevention is preferable to treatment for the soul. That's why we edited this book.

- Douglas Virgint


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