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No Fear in His Presence (Pris au piège)

by Impact
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Through his living story, Dr. Dawson brings us to live with him the reality of this period he spent in Zaire so that we too are challenged by his simple faith and his contagious trust in this God who never let it down. Dr Dawson is Associate Professor of Medicine at McGill University in Montreal.

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Table of contents

1. The war for Kasaji
2. A Prophecy is Fulfilled
3. Just in time
4. “Jambo! Welcome to Zaire! »
5. Sweet and sour
6. Murmurs of war
7. Trapped
8. The lion's claw
9. Dark Hearts
10. The real liberator
11. Smell of Death
12. His daily kindnesses
13. A time to live and a time to die
14. Easter Peace
15. Terror in the Sky
16. "We're going to eat you!" »
17. The Valley of Decision
18. The Refugee Trail
19. The Midnight Express
20. Watching Africa Go By
21. Confined in a Palace
22. “The earth was shaken! »
23. “How great is your fidelity! »


Original title : No Fear in His Presence
Author : Dr. David Dawson
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2011
ISBN : 978-2-89082-138-5
Pages : 264
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback