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<transcy>Discovering the will of God (À la découverte de la volonté de Dieu) </transcy>

Sinclair Ferguson
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How do I find out what God's will is for my life?

Who has never looked for the answer to this question? How many hearts has it not tortured over the centuries! How many people are burdened with uncertainty about this! And what about the thousands of remedies, solutions, panaceas that are displayed everywhere? The subject is a real puzzle for the mind, especially among young people.

Is this present book still one of those "how to find the secret", one more "recipe", a collection of " stuff ”? Will it tell me if I should marry this or that person, if I should pursue this career rather than another?

As the author says, it would be foolish to think that God was going to record his special will for my life in the few pages of a book. Instead, and while addressing the concrete areas that cause the most research, Sinclair Ferguson identifies the principles God typically uses to lead His people. It shows that familiarity with the Word of God, and intimacy with the God of the Word, are essential to provide great stability in this discovery of the divine will. It places the whole question of seeking God's direction, so often distorted, in the grand context of the supreme purpose that God has pursued from the beginning.


Sinclair Ferguson - Scottish by birth, he recently retired from the pastorate. He continues to preach in many places around the world. He taught theology for many years at Westminster College, USA. He sits on the board of a well-known English-speaking publishing house. A renowned preacher and speaker in the English-speaking world, he is the author of numerous books, some of which are published in French. His pastoral experience and his contact with young people at a decisive moment in their journey qualifies him to give the practical and biblical advice contained in this book.

Table of contents


1. The great design of God

  • The destiny that God is preparing
  • The goal that God has set
  • The way God made

2. A framework of direction

  • God gives direct commandments and prohibitions
  • Scripture develops and sets out principles
  • There are illustrations
3. Keep your heart
  • Motivations of the heart
  • Conditions of the heart

4. A Christian way of living

  • Walking in love
  • Walking in the light
  • Walking in wisdom

5. Principles of conduct

  • Is this allowed?
  • Is this useful to me?
  • Does this enslave me?
  • Does this accord with the lordship of Christ?
  • Is it to the advantage of others?
  • Does this agree with the biblical example?

6. Preparation for my profession - Considerations to identify our vocation

  • Mark the possibilities
  • Examine your donations
  • Consider the needs
  • Examine your personal desires

7. Marriage?

  • Be realistic in your expectations
  • Be biblical in your preparation

8. Hope in the Lord

  • Our difficulties
  • Divine encouragement

9. He leads me

  • God provides for the needs of his people
  • God restores his people
  • God leads his people
  • God protects his people
  • God richly blessed his people
  • God perseveres with his people to the end

Original title : Discovering God's will
Author : Sinclair Ferguson
Publisher : Europresse < br> Pages : 160
Weight : 200 g
Release : 2008
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
ISBN : 978-2-914562-39-3
Format : paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Tony Bissonnette
Belle perspective de la gloire de Dieu

Ce que j'ai apprécié dans ce livre c'est comment l'auteur démontre l'importance de bien saisir que dans la recherche de la volonté de Dieu, il faut d'abord être conscient que nous avons été créés pour Sa gloire. Une recherche honnête et efficace de la volonté de Dieu, découlera de cette prise de conscience.