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<transcy>At the School of Grace (À l'école de la Grâce)</transcy>

Jerry Bridges
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We know we need grace. Without it, we would never have come to Jesus Christ. But being a Christian is not just coming to Christ. It is to grow and become like Jesus; it is to seek holiness. But the search for holiness is work; and this is where we move from grace to discipline - and where we often make a big mistake. In In the School of Grace , Jerry Bridges offers a clear and concrete presentation of what the gospel means for the whole of Christian life: from conversion to sanctification . It shows how the grace that enabled us to come to Jesus Christ also enables us to grow in sanctification.

If you have ever wondered what your role and God's role is in Christian growth, then this book will encourage you and make you think. He will invite you to trust in Christ while earnestly seeking holiness.

Table of contents
  • Preface
  1. How good is good enough?
    • A bad day
    • A good day
    • A message valid for life
    • Self-satisfaction and guilt
    • Motivated by love
  2. The Pharisee and the tax collector
    • Christian Pharisaism
    • Refined sins
    • The seriousness of sin
    • Positive character traits
    • Saints or sinners?
    • Introspection or sincerity?
  3. Do you preach the gospel to yourselves
    • The Gospel
    • Preaching the Gospel to yourself
  4. We died to sin
    • Will we persist in sin?
    • Union with Christ
    • The representative union
    • The reign and dominion of sin
    • Living for God
    • Don't let sin reign
  5. Formed by grace
    • Salvation and education are inseparable
    • Grace teaches us to say no
    • Grace teaches us to say yes
    • Christian life in practice
    • Grace teaches us
  6. Transformed to look like him
    • Regeneration
    • Sanctification
    • The objective
    • A process
    • The agent
    • The means
  7. Obey the first commandment
    • How to love God
    • The speed controller of obedience
    • Obedience racing version
    • An acceptable motivation
    • Growing up in love
    • Faith and love
  8. Discipline and dependency
    • Work or pray?
    • Paul's testimony
    • The passive approach
    • The self-discipline approach
    • The discipline of prayer
    • The example of Nehemiah
    • The sin of independence
  9. The discipline of commitment
    • Commit to God
    • No exceptions
    • What are your intentions?
    • Specific commitments
    • Reasons and motivations
  10. Convictions based on Scripture
    • The continuum of influence
    • Be transformed
    • Search the scriptures
    • Store them
    • Apply them to your life
    • Is there room for grace?
  11. The discipline of choices
    • One choice after the other
    • Train in the right direction
    • When the road gets difficult
    • The discipline of mortification
    • How to put sin to death
    • Mortify your sinful desires
    • Two are better than one
    • Mortification and vivification
    • Our choices and the grace of God
    • The motivation of the Gospel
  12. The discipline of vigilance
    • Know your enemies
    • "This is us"
    • Know yourself
    • Study your weaknesses
    • Our strengths
    • The little things
    • Christian freedom
    • The best defense
    • Think safety
  13. The discipline of adversity
    • A word of encouragement
    • Each difficulty encountered is a correction
    • Submission to discipline
    • The goal of adversity
    • Destined for glory
    • Live by grace
  • Index of Biblical References

Original title: The Discipline of Grace: God's Role and Our Role in the Pursuit of Holiness
Author: Jerry Bridges
Publisher: Excelsis
Pages: 296
Weight: 320 g
Release: March 2015
Dimensions: 13 x 19.5 cm
ISBN: 9782755002300
Format: paperback

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