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<transcy>Commentary on Isaiah - volume 1 - Chapters 1 to 29 (Commentaire d'Ésaïe - volume 1 - Chapitres 1 à 29) </transcy>

Mission Timothée
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Isaiah's prophecy is as much about personal life as it is about the Church. His oracles are rich in teachings of all kinds. The pastor finds in it an abundant harvest of instructions suitable for bringing aid to suffering believers. Christians can discover there the cause of many of their spiritual difficulties and know the origin of the misfortunes which sometimes reach the people of God.

If Isaiah reveals to us the sources and the consequences of all kinds of misfortunes, it also brings a bright vision of salvation. A veritable mine of treasures, he shows us how to set foot on the rock of truth by delivering a number of divine promises which announce certain deliverance to our faith.

Table of contents


The Person of the Prophet
The Time
Contemporary Prophets

First section: On Judah and Israel (Chapters 1 to 12)
Necessity of purification (Chap. 1)
Warnings regarding the times to come (chapters 2 to 5)

The vocation of Isaiah (Chap. 6).
Announcement of Emmanuel who will dispel the darkness (Chap. 7 to 9: 6)
Punishment on Israel and on the instrument of its correction (chap. . 9: 7 to 10: 34)
The coming Messianic reign (chaps. 11 and 12)

Second section: on the pagan nations (Chapters 13 to 23)
On Babylon, Assyria and the Philistines (Chap. 13 and 14)
On Moab (CHAP. 15 AND 16)
Against Damascus and its ally Israel (Chap. 17)
On Ethiopia and Egypt (Chap. 18 to 20)
Sentence of God in a world that is sinking into darkness ( Chap. 21 to 23:18)

Third Section: The upheavals to come (Chapters 24 to 35)
The “great apocalypse” (Chap. 24 to 27)
The collection of “misfortunes” (Chap. 28 to 33)


Authors : Franck Belloir, Daniel Issarte, Joël Chiron & Luc Warnon
Publisher : Mission Timothée
ISBN : 9791090740020 
Publication : November 2020
Pages : 278
Dimensions : 6 "x 9"
Format : paperback
Weight : 384 g

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Marc Dufour

un excellent commentaire un des meilleurs bien fait et en même temps très stimulant a la marche chrétienne ca se lit comme un roman