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<transcy>The Moody Handbook of Theology (softcover) (Introduction à la théologie (couverture souple)) </transcy>

Paul Enns
by Impact
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THEOLOGY - the study of the person of God and his Word - is essential to Christian faith.

This Introduction to Theology offers a concise and comprehensive reference tool for those who want to understand the foundations of Christian theology.

Here is a remarkable synthesis in one volume of the five dimensions of theology: the biblical, systematic, historical, dogmatic and contemporary theology.

“Theology is no longer reserved for specialists. Enns offers beginners a valuable reference tool and the more experienced a comprehensive reflection on essential subjects. "

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Table of contents

Index of tables
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the first edition

Part 1: Biblical theology
1. Introduction to Biblical Theology
2. Introduction to Old Testament Theology
3. Theology of the Edenic Age
4. Theology of the Noachian Era
5. Theology of the Patriarchal Era
6. Theology of the Mosaic Era
7. Theology of the Monarchical Era
8. Theology of the Prophetic Age
9. Introduction to New Testament Theology
10. Theology of Synoptics
11. Theology of the Book of Acts
12. Theology of James
13. Paul's Theology
14. Hebrews Theology
15. Theologies of Peter and Jude
16. Theology of John

Part 2: Systematic Theology
17. Introduction to Systematic Theology
18. Bibliology: doctrine of the Bible
19. Theology proper: doctrine of God
20. Christology: Doctrine of Christ
21. Pneumatology: doctrine of the Holy Spirit
22. Angéology: Doctrines of Angels, Satan and Demons
23. Anthropology and Hamartiology: Doctrines of Man and of Sin
24. Soteriology: doctrine of salvation
25. Ecclesiology: Doctrine of the Church
26. Eschatology: doctrine of end things

Part 3: Historical Theology
27. Introduction to Historical Theology
28. Primitive Theology
29. Medieval Theology
30. Theology of the Reformation
31. Modern Theology

Part 4: Dogmatic Theology
32. Introduction to Dogmatic Theology
33. Calvinist theology
34. Arminian theology
35. Alliance Theology
36. Theology of dispensationalism
37. Dogmatic Roman Catholic Theology

Part 5: Contemporary Theology
38. Introduction to Contemporary Theology
39. Liberal theology
40. Neo-Orthodox Theology
41. Radical theologies
42. Theology of History
43. Socialist theologies
44. Catholic Theology
45. Conservative theology
46. Evangelical feminism
47. Charismatic Theology
48. The Emerging Church

People index
Subject index
Index of Bible references


Original title : The Moody Handbook of Theology
Author : Paul Enns

Publisher : Impact / Clé
Publication : 2021
ISBN : 9782890823884
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 6 "x 9 "
Weight : 1030 g
Pages : 783

Customer Reviews

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Simon Arseneault
Un outil efficace pour l'étudiant sérieux

Paul Enns offre donc aux lecteurs , un contenus soutenus , clair et pédagogique. L'étudiant , l'ancien et le pasteur , sera trouver dans cette ouvrage une panoplie d'outils à la exégétique et théologique pour avoir une vision globale à 5 dimension . L'ouvrage couvre essentiellement ce qui convient aux personnes soucieuse et sérieuse de développer une perspective éguisé et concise du paysage théologique auxquels ils seront confronté.