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<transcy>Exodus, mission impossible (Exodus, mission impossible ) </transcy>

Frère André
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Why does God put us in insurmountable situations?

To answer it, Brother André meditates on the book of Exodus and the mission that God entrusted to Moses. A humanly unrealizable mission… that Moses will carry out. Is he a superman? Far from there ! But his disposition of heart makes all the difference: he completely obeys God. He even sees his faith grow in the midst of tribulation.

The life of Moses demonstrates that there is no limit to how God can use those who courageously submit to him.

Three principles emerge from the author's meditations. Three decisive, overwhelming steps to follow the model of Moses, the man of impossible missions.

Like him, be ready to meet God, to trust him in the worst difficulties and, ultimately, to know him better!

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Brother André is the founder of Open Doors. This Dutch missionary is passionately committed to persecuted Christians, especially in communist countries and the Muslim world. He is the author of more than 20 books, including "The Smuggler", a bestseller translated into 30 languages. He is married and the father of five children.

Table of contents


Part 1 - Let's get to know Yahweh
1. A rebellious faith
2. Rescuing a Beautiful Baby
3. A Decision That Determines a Lifetime
4. A question of principle
5. Doing good has a cost
6. We need a family
7. Training in “brebiology”
8. The encounter with fire
9. Sharing God's Burdens
10. A Personal Burning Bush Experience
11. The mandate of the exodus
12. You are not alone!
13. The importance of the name
14. Let's talk!

Part 2 - Follow Yahweh's instructions
15. The tools you need
16. If you don't want to go, who will I send?
17. Today's Burning Bushes
18. Obedience and Its Consequences
19. Encouraging beginnings
20. Don't Expect Compliments
21. Where to find confidence?
22. How to “Be God”
23. The rest of the story
24. The Secret to Accomplishing the Impossible
25. War is declared!
26. The moment to make a choice
27. You can't get by without a miracle
28. Don't Just Pray, Take Action!
29. And now, in which direction?

Part Three - Meeting with Yahweh
30. A Direct Message from God
31. Where is the problem?
32. Don't be so impatient!
33. A Catastrophic Leader
34. A proposition that Moses cannot refuse
35. A proposition that Moses must refuse
36. Why implore God?
37. Can God Really Change His Mind?
38. What now?
39. A radical proposal
40. The most daring prayer in history
41. Why God Listens
42. A Deeper Relationship
43. Face to Face with the Almighty
44. A daring request
45. An even more daring request
46. An Irrepressible Desire
47. The Most Important Verses of the Bible
48. A story of testimony
49. A disappointing ending
50. The Entry of Moses into the Promised Land

Epilogue: The Time of Choice


Author : Brother André
Publisher: Cruciforme
ISBN : 978-2-924595-03-9
Pages : 213
Dimensions : 5.5 '' X 8.5 ''
Weight : 254 g
Release : March 2016
Format : paperback