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<transcy>They will rebuild on ancient ruins - commentary on the book of Nehemiah (Ils rebâtiront sur d'anciennes ruines - commentaire du livre de Néhémie)</transcy>

Daniel Issarte
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When Nehemiah arrived in Jerusalem in 445 BC, the walls and the spiritual life of the Jewish people were in a sorry state: everything had to be rebuilt.

But the task is immense, and the obstacles numerous, how to go about it?

This book follows step by step the great work of God for the restoration of his people, through the service of Nehemiah, exemplary for us even today.

He creates a certain path where all those who wish to participate in the edification of the Church, in its consolation , and the advent of the Kingdom of God will be able to engage with zeal and conviction. In the face of poverty or the failure of many lives, there is hope for renewal: in listening to the Word and returning to God, the promise of repairing what has been destroyed by evil comes to life. , and nourishes the faith of those who cling to it.

Both practical and alive - it comes from sermons given at Mission Timothy - this commentary will be suitable for those who seek an accessible and faithful explanation of this marvelous text. They will find in it the depth of a rich pastoral approach rooted in the reality of our needs.

Table of contents

 Why the book of “Nehemiah”?
 The historical situation
 The plan of the book of Nehemiah
 The spiritual message

 Introduction
 True sensitivity
 Adoration, the start of an authentic intercession
 Obedience, condition of fulfillment
 A necessary return to God
 The reminder of the promises

 To be in our place, so that God may lead us
 To gain the favor of men by the faithful practice of good
 To live in constant dependence on God
 The conduct of God, our assurance

 The teachings of a revival
 The Church, an edifice to be built
 The necessary work
 The first love must be renewed
 Do not hide the problems
 Practical and spiritual ministries
 A commitment out of love
 What is asked of us
 The sarcasms of our enemies
 The interior life 

 The right reaction, in the face of mockery
 Bless those who hurt us

 Rewarding work
 Discouragement, a formidable weapon
 Solidarity obliges
 True zeal
 The duty to strengthen
 Discern the fight
 Accept to suffer the fight
 Remember the Lord
 Fight for your own

 New difficulties
 Complaints and murmurs, plagues of the Church
 Do not enslave our brothers
 A service stripped of any personal interest
 Should we be generous with all?
 Consequences of injustice
 The dynamism of self-giving

 A war of attrition
 Maneuvers of seduction
 Calumny
 Truth and loyalty triumph over lies
 Win to the end
 The loss of courage
 The danger of betrayals and the real consolation
 Fear, bad counselor

 Priority to the work of God
 Superior according to God's criteria
 Aspire to the best things
 Let ourselves be attracted by what is humble
 Access to the best things
 Passion is an obstacle to loyalty
 Loyalty leads to suffering
 Superior by the fear of God
 A life filled with the glory of God
 Know the will of God
 Act according to God's will

 A healthy reaction to listening to the Word
 Serve God as he desires
 Watch out for our moods!
 The trap of complacency towards oneself
 Praise, an act of obedience to God
 The true subject of joy
 The joy of the Lord is our strength

 True or false repentance
 Repentance, the fruit of hearing the Word
 Separation from what is foreign
 Confession of personal sins and those of fathers
 Man is solely responsible for his distress
 The goal of this historical reminder
 How to learn from the past ?.
 Praise before all things
 Continuously bearing witness to the faithfulness of God
 Believe fully in the promise of the Lord
 The supplication, proof of humility
 The true return to God
 Confidence and daring subsidiaries

 Superficial conversion
 Sadness according to God or according to the world?
 Carnal denunciation of sin
 From law to grace
 Merciful discipline
 What should be the fruits of repentance?

CHAPTERS 11 - 12
 Spiritual joy
 Heavenly bliss
 Purified to serve God
 Our Jerusalem

 A useless servant
 Vigilance required
 The price of vigilance
 The constant threat of sin
 Severity of sin
 Promises of restoration
 Fight the feeling of rejection
 To prove oneself by the practice of good works
 The benefits of practicing works
 Let our works be seen!
 Justified exclusion
 The hysterical personality
 The way to be cured
 Legitimate rebuke
 Waking up from the “sleep of death”
 Be careful not to destroy the temple of God
 Become temple of the Lord
 Entering the house of God to be delivered

 1. The march towards Exile
a) The exile of Israel
b) The end of Judah and its deportation
 2. The return from exile
a) The edict of Cyrus
b) Nehemiah the builder


Publisher : Mission Timothée
Author : Daniel Issarte
Publication : November 2020
ISBN : 978-2-95171-75-2-7
Pages : 331
Dimensions : 5.83 "x 8.27"
Format : paperback
Weight : 406 g

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