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Introduction to New Covenant Theology (Introduction à la théologie de la nouvelle alliance)

René Frey
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Available: October 2022 
INTRODUCTION TO NEW COVENANT THEOLOGY explains the connections between the theology of the Church Fathers, the sixteenth-century Swiss Brethren, the seventeenth-century Particular Baptists, and the modern emergence of New Covenant Theology (NCT), based on biblical theology and salvation history.
The author examines the answers the NCT provides to the question, "What makes the organization of the Bible so harmonious?" Three main strands are explored: the new covenant anticipated in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New Testament, the new law of Christ replacing that of Moses, and the new people of God unified in his Son.
This book will enable readers to better understand the distinction between the TNA and the two major current theological systems, Reformed Covenantism and Dispensationalism, based on the threefold principle of continuity, discontinuity and transformation. It places Jesus Christ and the new covenant, which he so dearly established, at the forefront.
Author: René Frey
Publisher: Impact Académia
Publication :
ISBN: 978-2-924743-25-6
Dimensions: 6" x 9" 
Format : Paperback

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