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<transcy>Jesus the Son of God (Jésus le Fils de Dieu)</transcy>

D. A. Carson
by CLÉ
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Theologian Donald Carson offers a study of the term "Son of God" as it appears in the Bible. It demonstrates the richness of expression, which goes beyond emphasizing the divinity of Christ. It also takes into account the many texts in which “son of God” does not refer to Jesus.

In addition, Professor Carson immerses his readers in important current debates concerning the transmission of the biblical message to people of Muslim culture and faith. In their dealings with Muslims, should Christians present Jesus as the Son of God? Should biblical translations intended for populations influenced by Islam use other words to refer to Jesus, rather than sticking to an expression (“Son of God”) which arouses strong reactions in these circles?

Far from offering a simplistic answer to these complex debates, Carson traces a stimulating journey that will not leave any reader indifferent. He begins by analyzing the biblical data. He then wonders about the classic formulations that emanate from Christian theology: do they still conform to biblical language? Finally, it offers relevant suggestions to translators of the Bible and to Christians anxious to faithfully transmit the biblical portrait of Jesus, the Son of God.


D.A. Carson is Professor of the New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, USA, where he has taught since 1978. He received a doctorate in New Testament Studies from Cambridge University. A very active speaker, he has also written or supervised the writing of more than 45 books. With Timothy Keller, he founded the Gospel Coalition movement (cf. Gospel 21). Father of 2 children, he lives north of Chicago with his wife Joy.

Table of contents

1: the son of God, christological title: overview of biblical data
2: “son of God” in two crucial passages
3: “Jesus, the son of God” in the Christian and Muslim contexts
general index
index of writings


Original title: Jesus the Son of God
Author : DA Carson
Publisher : Clé
Publication : November 2016
ISBN : 978-2-35843-046-3
Pages : 116

Dimensions : 6 x 8.66 in
Format : paperback
Weight: 172 g

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