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<transcy>Justification and regeneration (Justification et régénération) </transcy>

Charles Leiter
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What does the Bible mean when it says Christians are "dead to sin"? How can a righteous God "justify the ungodly" without becoming unjust himself? Why do all men desperately need to be justified? If I have died to sin, why am I still affected by it? As a Christian, am I the "new man" or the "old man" - or both? Are Christians Still Slaves to Sin?

The answers to these questions (and many more) become clear when we gain a biblical understanding of justification and regeneration. These two great miracles lie at the heart of the gospel; however, even among genuine Christians there is much confusion and ignorance about these two doctrines. Drawing on the scriptures, this book attempts to clearly present the nature and characteristics of justification and regeneration, in order to glorify God and to bring his children to a better grasp of the freedom that is theirs in Christ.

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CHARLES LEITER is Associate Pastor of Lake Road Chapel Church in Kirksville, Missouri. He and his wife, Mona, have five children. For over forty years the Lord has used him as a teacher and speaker to help many Christians.
“I read this book many times before it was published. I have benefited greatly from his teachings and warmly recommend him. "
- Paul Washer

Original title : Justification and Regeneration
Author : Charles Leiter
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : November 2017
ISBN : 978-2-924595-33-6
Pages : 208
Dimension : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 252 g

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