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<tc>Providence (La providence de Dieu)</tc>

John Piper
by Impact
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From Genesis to Revelation, the providence of God directs the entire unfolding of redemption history.

Providence is "the intentional sovereignty of God". Its scope extends from the movement of electrons to the movement of galaxies, then to the heart of man. The providence of God is profoundly wise, just and good. Its purpose is to glorify God in Jesus Christ by bringing joy to the hearts of those who have been redeemed for a new world.

Based on a lifetime of theological reflections, Bible studies and pastoral interventions, Pastor John Piper leads us on an amazing journey from Genesis to Revelation, following in the footsteps of God's providence , in order to make us discover the all-encompassing reality of God's intentional sovereignty over all creation and all of history. Piper invites us to deepen our knowledge of the God who exercises his providence in an absolute way, and he shows us how this will help us to develop a living and authentic worship, to be strengthened in faith and in our convictions, and then to take courage. joyfully in trial seeing the advancement of God's mission in this world.

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John Piper is the founder of the Desiring God ministry. For over 30 years he pastored a Baptist Church in Minneapolis, USA. He has now retired and is dedicated to a larger ministry. He is the author of numerous books, many of which have been translated into French.


"The God who is is also the God who does." To know God implies to understand his action well. How does God interact with the world and its inhabitants? How does his control relate to the freedom of his creatures? What is God looking for in his providence? How does a holy and sovereign God deal with the forces of evil and sin? John Piper provides very satisfying answers to these questions by beautifully unfolding the doctrine of God's providence throughout the Scriptures. This book nourishes the mind and warms the heart by leading the reader to contemplation and adoration.
–Pascal Denault, pastor of the Reformed Baptist Church of St. Jerome; author of Solas, A More Excellent Covenant and The Dark Side of the Christian Life

"You hold in your hands the masterpiece of John Piper, which is sure to become a classic of Christian literature. The Providence of God is a colossal work, saturated with the Word of God and steeped in Reformed theology. A delight for the soul and the heart! I recommend reading it without reservation. »
– Gaétan Brassard, Senior Pastor of Le Portail Church

“This book by John Piper is essential for every Christian and student of theology. The theme of God's providence finds its true value here by inviting us to praise an elusive, infinitely great, glorious, sometimes surprising, but always loving God. He reminds us that the world in which we live is and remains imbued with Him, whatever our context and our circumstances, in order to lead us to sanctification and obedience to His Word. Let yourself be amazed by this providence through the reading of this book!
– Jean-Christophe Bieselaar, Ph.D., dean and director of studies for 2e and 3e cycles of the School of Evangelical Theology of Quebec

“We knew Pastor John Piper and his enthusiastic vision of the absolute supremacy of God over all things. providence of God. The book you hold is not one of those theological treatises reserved for "geeks": on the contrary, it demonstrates how a right understanding of divine sovereignty can transform our Christian life.
– Guillaume Bourin, pastor; author of I will sprinkle clean water on you; founder of the blog Le Bon Combat

"In what is arguably his most important book to date, John Piper demonstrates aptly and with exegetical flair that God's providence, is his defining sovereignty in which he will successfully accomplish his ultimate purpose for the universe. This book will broaden your view of God and thereby strengthen your faith.
– D. A. Carson, theologian and founder of The Gospel Coalition

“With his characteristic clarity and attention to biblical text, John Piper shows us the omnipresence of God’s providence in Scripture. He dwells on passages of scripture, and in one passage after another we see that God rules over all reality, from the smallest atom to the most terrible disasters. As we are used to by now with Piper, he turns our gaze to the infinite greatness and beauty of God while reminding us that divine providence is wonderfully good news for those of us who know Jesus Christ.
Thomas R. Schreiner, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“There are many books by John Piper that I would recommend to believers because of the depth and freshness of thought in his writings. God's providence will be first on the list. The extent of God's providence that he manages to cover in this book is phenomenal. Nothing has been overlooked! Read it and see for yourself! This is a masterpiece! »
Conrad Mbewe, Pastor, Kabwata Baptist Church, Lusaka, Zambia

"While some see the hand of God only in miracles and still others do not see it at all, providence is the wondrous truth that God is sovereign in and over all that occurs. Combining passion with an inquisitive mind, John Piper cherished and proclaimed this truth throughout his ministry. This engaging book is not about a single doctrine, but it embraces the grand prospects of God's work in the world, our redemption, and our lives today. It is a work that invigorates the faith in depth.
Michael Horton, Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

"In this remarkable book, John Piper reveals the personal side of God's sovereignty, helping us to see the delicate intricacy, alluring beauty, and ultimate purpose of God's plans in action. Piper is able to write about multidimensional doctrine in a particularly practical and easy-to-grasp way.»
Joni Eareckson Tada, Founder and President of Joni and Friends International Disability Center

"This masterful book by John Piper is a robust antidote to the weakened view of God's providence held by many Christians today. Its exposition of the subject is comprehensive, in scope, and saturated with biblical perspective. Piper is a model pastor-theologian because he not only describes providence, but also demonstrates how our understanding of it can add depth to our lives.
Tremper Longman III, Distinguished Scholar and Distinguished Professor of Bible Study, Westmont College

“With the publication of the book The Justification of God in 1983, John Piper demonstrated his resolve in his adherence to the sovereignty of God's grace. Today, almost forty years later, this attachment remains. This colossal book provides food for thought that will stimulate the minds and hearts of its readers. »
Paul Helm, Former Professor of History and Philosophy of Religions, King’s College London

“Here is a book of divine providence, written by a man who spent his life proclaiming the glory of God. This volume is substantial, as the subject demands. Piper takes us from the time before the creation of the world to the second coming of Christ, demonstrating that the providential actions of God are omnipresent through time, circumstances and people, through an exposition of the matchless power of Self-sufficient God.
Miguel Núñez, Senior Pastor, International Baptist Church, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic; CEO and Founder of Wisdom and Integrity Ministries

"Feeding our humility and leading us to tremble when God speaks, John Piper's book, God's Providence, compels us to look up at the King in his awesome and terrifying beauty (Isa 33.17; 66.2). He is not a docile lion, but he is good.
Jason S. DeRouchie, Research Professor of Biblical Theology and Old Testament Studies, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“John Piper's thorough exposition is coupled with insightful theological reflection and pastoral application. There is hope when health declines, when enemies beset us, when dreams are shattered, relationships crumble, and calamities destroy. Strength can be found there to endure difficulty, to deal with uncertainty, and to overcome anxiety. There is revealed the sweet experience of the generous goodness of our Father in the tender care and reality of his providence.
Stephen Yuille, Vice President of Academic Studies, Heritage College and Seminary; Associate Professor of Biblical Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Piper has a knack for making complex ideas understandable. Under the general theme of providence, it tackles some of the most difficult themes of the Christian faith – the connection between the sovereignty of God and the decisions of men, the origin of evil, the use by God of iniquitous people and the devil to accomplish his purpose, and the concept of election. From a South American perspective, where so many questions about God's ways emerge from a context of widespread neo-Pentecostalism, a gospel of prosperity, poverty and corruption, this book is timely. .
– Augustus Nicodemus Lopes, Assistant Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Recife, Brazil; Supreme Council Vice President, Presbyterian Church of Brazil

"In our day when man is viscerally self-centered, John Piper's book heals soul and spirit with the truth of the gospel. It is not simply a theological work on the providence of God, but also a pastoral guide filled with biblical wisdom while being practical. This book will help this generation of Christians to enjoy the reality of God's sovereign power and help those around them to stand on the solid foundation of the gospel rather than on the fragile ground of human pride. Piper illuminates the beacon of God's love with the radiant flame of His glory. People will find true hope there amidst the tumultuous ocean of mistakes and fears. His book is especially relevant for people in post-Soviet countries who need to see the greatness and beauty of the true king and ruler of this world, while devoting themselves to building his kingdom for the spiritual prosperity of their nation for the glory of Christ! »
– Evgeny Bakhmutsky, Pastor, Russian Bible Church, Moscow, Russia

"John Piper helps us see and savor God's intentional sovereignty by demonstrating inductively what the Bible teaches, as a whole, about its ultimate purpose, nature, and extent.
Andy Naselli, Associate Professor of Systematic Theology and New Testament, Bethlehem College and Seminary; elder, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis

“Through this major work, John Piper leads hearts into joyous worship as he unfolds the often overlooked doctrine of God's providence. This book is both a manual for students of theology and a collection of meditations for lay people. Read it and worship the God who will carry out all his purposes for his glory and for the greater benefit of his elect.
Matthias G. Lohmann, President, Evangelium21; pastor, Free Evangelical Church Munich-Central, Germany

"In my opinion, this book constitutes John Piper's most mature and comprehensive reflection, both biblically and theologically. As a pastor and teacher, I am often asked, "How do I reconcile what I know of God, man, and creation in the Bible with what I experience?" Thanks to Piper, I now have a breakthrough work to help me answer these questions. This book will lead its readers to delight in God and his revealed reality as they marvel at his purpose for his creation. »
– Biao Chen, Chinese Projects Coordinator, Third Millenium Ministries

“The works of John Piper have always emphasized the glory of God and the joy of his people. Now Piper offers us a masterful treatise on the comforting doctrine of divine providence. He navigates through biblical theology and systematic theology with precision and a deep knowledge of Scripture without losing sight of the pastoral aspects of such important biblical teaching. May the Lord of glory use this book for the edification and joy of his people! »
– Franklin Ferreira, Academic Director, Martin Bucer Seminar, São José dos Campos‑SP, Brazil

“John Piper skillfully demonstrates how the truth of providence relates directly to different areas of theology.God's providence combines its concise theological and biblical reflections with more than forty years of pastoral ministry It is a real treasure for the global Church and it will be, in the years to come, a precious resource for the Church of God. »
Sheriff A.Fahim, Lecturer in Systematic Theology and Bible Study, Alexandria School of Theology, Egypt; Managing Director at El-Soora Ministries

Table of contents

Intro: Four Invitations

Part one: The definition and complexity of providence
1 What is divine providence?
2 God glorifies himself: is it such a good news?

Part two: The ultimate goal of providence
Section 1: The ultimate goal of providence before and in Creation
3 Before the Creation
4 The Act of Creation

Section 2: The ultimate goal of providence in the history of Israel
5 An overview
6 The exodus in action
7 Remembering the exodus
8 The law, the desert and the conquest of Canaan
9 In the days of judges and kings
10 The protection, destruction and restoration of Jerusalem

Section 3: The Ultimate Purpose of Providence in Designing and Implementing the New Covenant
11 The Purposes of the New Covenant
12 The Founding Act of Christ in the establishment of the new covenant
13 The entry of sin into creation and the glory of the gospel
14 The glory of Christ and the glorification of his people

Part Three: The Nature and Scope of Providence

Section 1: Setting the scene
15 Knowing the providence of the God who is

Section 2: God's providence over nature
16 The fall and restoration of the theater of wonders
17 Earth, water, wind, plants and animals

Section 3: God's providence upon Satan and his demons
18 Satan and his demons
19 Satan's continued existence

Section 4: God's providence over kings and nations
20 The divine King of Israel is the King of the nations
21 Human kingship and King of Kings
22 Knowing that the Most High reigns and rejoicing

Section 5: God's Providence Over Life and Death
23 A pool of truth and the gift of birth
24 The Lord hath taken away; Blessed be the name of the Lord!
25 We are immortal until our work is finished

Section 6: God's Providence Over Sin
26 Willing and Doing of the Natural Man
27 What We Know and What He we need not know
28 Joseph
29 Israel is hated, Pharaoh is hardened, God is exalted and the hopeless are saved
30 Broken families
31 The deceit and torpor of the heart
32 When he afflicts, he has compassion
33 An iniquity especially abhorred by God

Section 7: God's providence in conversion
34 Our condition before conversion
35 God's way of leading to faith: three images from the Bible
36 Saving Faith: A Gift of Divine Providence
37 A Look Back at the Precious Roots of Election

Section 8: God's providence in the Christian life
38 Forgiveness, justification and obedience
39 God's strategy of command and warning
40 Those whom he called, he also glorified
41 A blood-bought zeal for good works
42 To produce in us what is pleasing to him
43 To put to death sin and bring forth love by faith

Section 9: The final exploit of providence
44 The triumph of the missions and the return of Christ
45 New bodies, a new world, eternal satisfaction in God

Conclusion: Contemplating and savoring the providence of God


Original title: Providence
Author: John Piper
Editing: Impact
ISBN: 9782890824492
Pages: 696
Dimensions: 6"x9"
Format: hardcover, hardcover
Weight: 1250 g

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Based on 8 reviews
Excellent !!!!!

WoW!! ce livre est vraiment magnifique!
J’ai appris beaucoup. Je le conseille à tous
Après la lecture d’un livre comme ça, nous ne pouvons faire autrement que de rendre gloire à Dieu pour Sa Souveraineté/Providence parfaite.

Danielle Martel
La Providence de Dieu

Excellent! Bien écrit, facile à lire car malgré le volume d'information, celle-ci est bien structurée. La Providence de Dieu m'a amené à apprécier l'œuvre du salut à sa juste valeur. Il me pousse à adorer plus profondément mon Dieu, mon Créateur, mon Rédempteur.


Sans nul doute l'apogée en matière littéraire d'un homme dont le parcours pastorale est riche et puissant. Plus de 3 décennies d'enseignements, de prédication et de profonde réflexions jonchent les pages de ce livre bien écrit à la rigueur de Piper lui-même. Quiconque voudra se blottir dans la chaleureuse providence divine , trouvera ce qu'il cherche dans ce livre d'une richesse incommensurable.

Je souhaite à quiconque Dieu voulant , lire ce livre , y plonger sans risque et prendre le temps avec John Piper de se nourrir de cette succulente providence à la louange de sa grâce.

Un chef d'oeuvre

Que dire sur ce chef d'oeuvre qui n'ait pas déjà été dit ? Une pièce maitresse, obligatoire à posséder dans sa bibliothèque si on s'intéresse à l'enseignement des Écritures sur la souveraineté et la providence de Dieu.


C'est toujours un plaisir de commander chez vous. La livraison est rapide et le service à la clientèle est impeccable


Je ne suis pas particulièrement « fan » de John Piper, mais j’ai aimé certains de ses livres dans le passé. Celui-ci me fut offert en cadeau et je fus agréablement surpris par le nombre de volets du su-jet traité dans ce volume. L’auteur a (manifestement) énormément travaillé pour achever son œuvre et je la trouve très bien réussie. À mon sens, cet ouvrage est un excellent ajout à une bibliothèque de théologie.

Sylvie Pelletier

Très enrichissant. Il nous donne le goût de nous plonger encore plus profondément dans les Écritures.