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<transcy>The redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ, applied by the Holy Spirit</transcy>

John Murray
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Redemption is of the utmost importance in the question of salvation. By disobedience of sin, the human race has placed itself under the wrath of the holy God. She is now worthy of eternal death in the torments of hell. The fact that in His grace God decided to redeem in Jesus Christ a people of this lost and guilty race is a miracle of divine mercy and the heart of the covenant of grace.

And the atonement, which takes away the guilt of sin through the blood sacrifice of an innocent substitute, lies at the heart of redemption and biblical faith. The free and sovereign love of God is the source of the fulfillment of redemption. John 3:16, one of the best-known texts in all of Scripture, shows this with great clarity.

Since the days of the apostle Paul, this text has served, for the serious Christian, as a basis for any discussion of redemption. However, few interpreters of the Bible have thoroughly explored the passages in which it deals with the atonement, at least with the keen sense and precision used by the author of this book. As such, he is considered a leading biblical theologian in our day.

This study of redemption and atonement is a classic work for biblical theology. John Murray systematically explains the two facets of redemption:
- its fulfillment by Christ on the cross,
- its application by the Holy Spirit in the lives of the redeemed.

In the first part, he examines the necessity, nature, perfection and extent of the atonement. In the second part of his book, he presents a careful exposition of the biblical teachings concerning the calling of the elect by God, regeneration, faith and repentance, justification, adoption, as well as all the components that transform life. of him who is united with God in Christ Jesus.

Written by one of the most renowned theologians of our time, however, these pages are very accessible for anyone seeking to know what God has done in Christ for the salvation of the people whom he has loved from all eternity. Such a study will not fail to provoke, in the regenerated heart, thanksgiving filled with adoration.


John Murray (1898-1975) - A native of Scotland and educated in Glasgow and Edinburgh, he studied and taught theology at Princeton Seminary before going to Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia in order to remain faithful to the biblical teaching. He spent most of a distinguished career teaching systematic theology. He is the author of several major theological classics of reference in the English language, including this book. He worked in the formation of many, many eminent contemporary servants of God.

Table of contents

Preface to the 2015 English edition
Preface to the original edition

Redemption - Its fulfillment
1. The Necessity of Atonement
2. The Nature of Atonement
3. The Perfect Character of the Atonement
4. The scope of the atonement
5. Conclusion

Redemption - Its application
6. The order of application
7. The Effective Call by God
8. Regeneration
9. Faith and Repentance
10. The rationale
11. Adoption
12. Sanctification
13. Perseverance
14. Union with Christ
15. Glorification

Index of Biblical References


Original title : Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Author : John Murray
Edition : Europresse
Publication : 2018
Pages : 254
ISBN : 978-2-914562-66-9
Dimensions : 5.43 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 280 g

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