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<transcy> Christ and Culture Revisited (PDF) (Le Christ et la culture (PDF))</transcy>

D. A. Carson
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No matter where they live, Christians inevitably find themselves squeezed between the claims of culture and its obligations, on the one hand, and their allegiance to Christ, on the other. The tensions between Christ and culture are both diverse and complex. There are different models of the relationship between Christ and culture, each seeking to describe how this relationship can be experienced in reality

In this book, D. A. Carson provides an overview of a number of important questions Christians need to think about when considering how to relate to culture. The author examines H. Richard Niebuhr's thinking on culture in the light of biblical theology. He argues that Niebuhr presents his five approaches as ideal options competing with each other. However, according to Carson, this emphasis on choosing among different propositions does not correspond to a canonical reading of Scripture. He suggests that these possibilities are not options to be chosen or rejected, but that they are part of a more unified and holistic understanding of the relationship between Christ and culture. Finally, Carson demonstrates why no single approach, even the most insightful, should serve as the ultimate benchmark, and he suggests returning to a holistic approach that allows for a wide variety of accents.

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D. A. Carson is Professor of the New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, USA, where he has taught since 1978. A very active lecturer around the world, he is considered one of the most eminent theologians From our era. Don Carson has written or supervised numerous books and Bible commentaries.

Table of contents

1. How to Reflect on Culture:
Remembering Niebuhr
2. Niebuhr Revised and Corrected: The Repercussions of Biblical Theology
3. Refine the notion of culture, and redefine postmodernism
4. Secularism, Democracy, Freedom, and Power
5. Church and State
6. Contested programs, thwarted utopias,
and continual tensions
Index of subjects
Index of proper names
Index of biblical references


Original title : Christ and Culture Revisited
Author : DA Carson
Publisher : Impact Académia
Publication : August 2017
Pages : 313
Format : PDF