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<transcy>The Forgotten Guide (Le Guide oublié)</transcy>

Francis Chan
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About the book

The Holy Spirit: a supernatural power in the life of the believer.

Haven't we let go of the third person of the Trinity without realizing it? For this incomparable power, would we have substituted entirely human capacities? As if God had given us a billion euros, and found us at the local grocery store, spending a few pennies on sweets. The consequences could be tragic: lukewarmness, drowsiness, thirst for the spectacular. In our personal life, in the Church. Why have we been saved? To survive our earthly life? To trust us in our talents? No ! So that the world may see, through us, expressing and acting a supernatural power (Acts 1: 8; 2Tim. 1: 7).

Francis Chan invites us, Bible in hand, to rediscover the Spirit of God to better express his power ...

- How does the Bible describe the Holy Spirit?

- What is its role?

- How do I open up to a living relationship with him?

* This free study guide in PDF format will help you explore the subject in depth in a group or on your own. Easy to print, use it to liven up your discussions.