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<transcy>The marriage of Jesus (Le mariage de Jésus)</transcy>

Florent Varak
by CLÉ
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Author: Florent VARAK
Subtitle: Da Vinci Code: do you believe it?
Publisher: 02/11/2005
Collection: Discovery
< b> 104 pages - 2 colors
Format: 14x21x0.8 cm. Brooch. Detachable banner with the subtitle.
Layout, typo and layout: Damien Gautier

Did the Da Vinci Code interest you, convince you or shock you?
Discover the true bride of Jesus.

Jesus fascinates. Every aspect of his life, every word he has spoken, is the subject of much discussion. Sects claim this. Dozens of films retrace his life. Various authors praise or attack his message. The Dalai Lama comments on one of his most famous speeches. Rabbis reconsider his contribution. The Koran teaches his return. And now, novelists are integrating it into their plots.

A new idea is gaining ground: Jesus did not live as the Church says. Talented and charismatic, he was an ordinary man, married to Marie-Madeleine.

Intox, scoop, disinformation? Where does the fiction start? Have the gospels been tampered with? Did the church knowingly eliminate the testimonies of Christ's marriage?

Explore the original sources of Christianity. Evaluate these new ideas. Discover the true bride of Jesus.

This is important. You could attend the wedding.

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