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<transcy>Natural and spiritual gifts (Les dons naturels et spirituels)</transcy>

Samuel Coppieters
by Impact
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How to find them?
How to develop them?
How not to take for each other?

To make every Christian capable of serving him, God gave him natural gifts, or talents, and spiritual gifts. On the other hand, ignorance of the question of gifts renders the lives of many Christians sterile. It prevents some from bearing all the fruit they might have. This has repercussions even in the families and the formation of the Church of tomorrow.

The author discusses the nature of natural gifts and spiritual gifts, and how to discover and develop them. It also describes the particular nature and function of miraculous gifts, and examines their manifestation throughout biblical revelation.


Samuel Coppieters has been in the ministry of teaching the Word of God in Quebec since 1963. He has taught biblical history and writing at the Institut Biblique Béthel. He has also published stories in secular journals, articles in Christian journals, and a periodical for Assemblies of Brothers.


Author : Samuel Coppieters
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 1998
ISBN : 978- 2-89082-000-5
Dimensions : 5.4 "x 8.3"
Format : paperback
Weight : 222 g

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