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<transcy>The foundations of Christianity (Les fondements du christianisme)</transcy>

C. S. Lewis
by LLB
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Here is the best of C.S. Lewis on the biblical, theological and Christian approach to great human questions. He delivers us an intelligent and apologetic reassessment of what remains true of all times, but constantly tossed about by fashions and ambient ideologies. Since you have to find your bearings, here are the foundations of Christianity.
The previously edited volumes 1 and 2 are gathered here in one volume.


Clive Staples Lewis, born in Ireland in 1898, converted to Christianity during his university studies. Professor of English literature at the University of Oxford and then Cambridge, he is the author of numerous books on Christian reflection, literary criticism, as well as fiction for adults and children. CS Lewis' novels demonstrate a rarely equaled sense of imagination, as in the Chronicles of Narnia whose first volume was brought to the screen in France in 2005. Died in 1963, his books are widely used. edited today, translated into 30 languages.


The apologetic skill of C.S. Lewis lies in the fact that he, as a good tactician, takes his readers from the back. They already agree with his reasoning when they realize that, if they want to be consistent with themselves and with the author, they must be prepared to reconsider the premises on which they have built their lives. t3>
Aimé Viala, translator of CS Lewis

Table of contents
  • Foreword
  • To get to know each other

Part 1: Good and evil, key to the meaning of the universe

  1. The law of human nature ...
  2. Some objections ...
  3. The reality of the law
  4. What is the law hiding?
  5. We have reasons to feel uncomfortable

Part 2: What Christians Believe

  1. Rival views about God
  2. The invasion
  3. The shocking alternative
  4. The perfect penitent
  5. Conclusion of a practical nature

Part Three: Christian Behavior

  1. The three components of morality
  2. The cardinal virtues
  3. Social morality
  4. Morals and psychoanalysis
  5. Sexual morality
  6. Christian marriage
  7. Forgiveness
  8. The great sin
  9. Charity
  10. Hope
  11. Faith

Part Four: Beyond the Person, or the First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity

  1. Create and beget
  2. God in Three Persons
  3. A time beyond time
  4. Healthy contagion
  5. Stubborn toy soldiers
  6. Two notes
  7. Let's pretend
  8. Is Christianity demanding or easy?
  9. Calculate the expense
  10. Good people or new men?
  11. The new men


Publisher : LLB
Publication : December 2014
Pages : 230 p
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