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<transcy>Are People Basically Good? (Les gens sont-ils fondamentalement bons?)</transcy>

R. C. Sproul
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According to some polls, most men and women believe people are basically good. In fact, the Bible reveals that mankind was indeed created good. And yet we all know people who have hurt us or others. We have done wrong ourselves. So what has changed? Why do people lie, cheat and steal?

In this little book, R. C. Sproul explains how we have become morally corrupt and how deep our corruption is. We don't just make mistakes, we sin against a holy God. But while this is bad news, it is not the end of the story.

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R. C. Sproul was the founder of Ligonier Ministries, the founding pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida, and the first president of Reformation Bible College. He is the author of over a hundred books, including The Holiness of God and Chosen by God .

Table of contents

1. The Supreme Paradox
2. The Image of God
3. The duality of man
4. The Reality of Our Sin
5. The depth of our sin
6. The extent of our sin


Original title : Are People Basically Good?
Author : RC Sproul
Collection : Critical questions
ISBN : 978-2-924895-26-9
Publication : September 2021
Pages : 59
Dimensions : 5 "x7"
Format : paperback
Weight : 72 g

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Un livre à lire!

Dans ce court livre, Sproul expose clairement la doctrine biblique de la nature de l’homme ainsi et présente clairement son état suite à l’entrée du péché dans le monde. Il touche à la question de l’image de Dieu, du libre arbitre, ainsi que d’autres sujets importants. Comme à son habitude, Sproul est clair dans son enseignement et il s’appuie toujours sur les Écritures afin de fonder sa pensée.