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<tc>The Holy Spirit (L'Esprit Saint (2e édition révisée))</tc>

Sinclair Ferguson
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The astounding expansion of Pentecostalism around the world since the early twentieth century, and the rapid growth of the charismatic movement within many denominations since the 1960s, have pushed the doctrine of the Holy Spirit to the forefront of contemporary theological issues.
In this book, Sinclair Ferguson seeks to construct a theology of the Spirit that takes into account both salvation history and contemporary questions about the meaning of Pentecost or the gifts of the Spirit. His study of the role of the Spirit in the ministry of Christ and his discussion of the Spirit's cosmic and eschatological work are particularly noteworthy. Regardless of one's theological leanings, the reader will find much to learn from this important study of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.
New revised edition
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Sinclair Ferguson, who was a pastor for more than 25 years and a theology professor at Westminster College (Philadelphia), is currently professor of systematic theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Dallas. He is the author of numerous books, some of which have been translated into French: À la découverte de la volonté de Dieu, Connaître Dieu pour l'adorer, La dynamique de la foi, Où est la sagesse? and La vie chrétienne. A doctrinal introduction.
Table of Contents
chapter one. The Holy Spirit and His History
Holy rûax
Creator Spiritus ?
A sovereign presence
Spiritus recreator
Spirit and word
A hypostatic Spirit ?
chapter 2. The Spirit of Christ
The Paraclete
chapter 3. The gift of the Spirit
The testimony of Luke
The Johannine testimony
Chapter 4. Pentecost today?
Pentecost and the disciples
Caesarea, Samaria, Ephesus
Different Baptisms in the Spirit?
The Purpose
Receiving the Holy Spirit
Chapter 5. A Spirit of Order
The Order of Salvation
Union with Christ
Christ as Model and Source
The implications
chapter 6. Spiritus recreator
The implications
A preparation?
Chapter 7. The Spirit of Holiness
Holiness in the Old Testament
Holiness in the New Testament
Chapter 8. The Communion of the Spirit
An Eschatological Structure
The Spirit of Adoption
The Paraclete
Chapter 9. The Spirit and the Body
The Body of Christ
The Baptism in the Spirit
The Baptism
The Lord's Supper
Chapter 10. Gifts for Ministry
Arguments for Continuation
Arguments for Cessation
An attempt to explain
The Spirit and Preaching
Chapter 11. The Cosmic Spirit
The universalisms
The cosmic and eschatological Spirit
The Spirit and the last Adam
The spiritual body
Index of biblical references
Index of names
Thematic index
Original title: The Holy Spirit
Author : Sinclair Ferguson
Publisher : Excelsis
Publication date : July 2020
ISBN : 9782755003680
Pages : 328
Weight : 406 g
Dimensions : 14 x 21 cm

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