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<transcy>The Pundit's Folly (Où est la sagesse ?)</transcy>

Sinclair Ferguson
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Fundamental questions arise in the mind of man even today. Often, the pace of modern life robs him of his sensitivity and prevents him from paying attention to these questions. But they still remain.

Where is life going?
Does it have any meaning?
How to reconcile the distraught reality of such a promising world?
What is it all for?…

And it may come as a surprise to learn that these questions are far from modern, and have always arisen over the centuries. In this context, this book examines a piece of writing that is both very old and very current.

The Sage who is the author had the opportunity to try and observe everything that is done and said "under the sun". His conclusion is far from encouraging: "All is vanity and futility, pursuit of the wind."

But he didn't stop there, for he himself encountered a response that surprised and transformed him as much. His cynicism has given way to solid hope that will benefit modern man.


Sinclair Ferguson A native of Scotland, he recently retired from pastoring in his home country. Yet he continues to preach in many places around the world. He taught theology for many years at Westminster College, USA. He sits on the board of a well-known English-speaking Christian publishing house. Renowned preacher and speaker in the English-speaking world, he is the author of several books, many of which are published in French.

Table of contents

1. The pursuit of the wind
The instruction
The pleasure
A good laugh
Have a good drink
Have a good time
The job
The success
Is this secret still hidden from you?
2. Life under the Sun
The Nature of Life
An unjust world
People are unreliable
The future is irrational < br data-mce-fragment = "1"> An Inevitable End
The Meaning of Life
3. The Wisdom of the Poor
The Identity of Jesus
The teaching of Jesus
The Work of Jesus
An answer for the Sage
4. The conclusion of the speech
The fear of God
The effects
True knowledge
Enduring pleasures
Job satisfaction
Real success
The beginning
To grow in the fear of God


Original title : The Pundit's Folly
Author : Sinclair Ferguson
Publisher: Europresse
Pages : 101
Dimensions : 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-906287-98- 3
Weight : 142 g
Format : paperback

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