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<transcy>Bible Class Commentary (Petit commentaire - Vol 6 - Tite à Jude)</transcy>

Henri Mahan
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It is important that all of God's children know the Bible, the Word of God. How can we know God, the way to salvation in Christ, or what God asks of His children and the power He gives them in the person of His Holy Spirit if we do not know the Bible, the only revelation that 'he gives us of himself?

It was to help us understand the New Testament epistles that Henri Mahan wrote Little Commentaries. These are not technical comments. The author avoids entering into complicated theological discussions. He confines himself to giving us a consistent, clear and lucid explanation of all the epistles of the New Testament from Romans to Jude.

These comments will be of great value to those who are to teach the Word of God, whether through preaching, in youth groups, or in Sunday schools. They can also serve as a basis for daily Bible reading.


Henri Mahan has been pastor of an Evangelical Baptist Church in Ashland, Kentucky, USA, for over thirty years. He travels a lot and is well known in many countries as a pastor, evangelist and speaker.


Original title: Bible Class Commentary
Author: Henry Mahan
Publisher: Europresse
Pages: 158
Weight: 210 g
Legal deposit: 1990
Dimensions: 13.5 x 21.5 cm
ISBN: 9782906287259
Format: paperback