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<transcy>What is the Mission of the Church? (Quelle est la mission de l'Église?)</transcy>

Quels liens y a-t-il entre la justice sociale, la Shalom, et le Grand Mandat?

Kevin DeYoung
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What links are there between social justice, Shalom, and the Great Mandate?

Christians today define "mission" in a broader and more varied way than ever before. Are we, as the body of Christ, on the road to the same goal or are we performing divergent missions?

Some argue that the mission of the Church is to oppose injustice, alleviate suffering, and strive to express God's love for the world. Others fear that the Church is losing sight of the centrality of God and stress the importance of sharing the gospel. Obviously, the misunderstanding about the mission persists.

Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert say that evangelical believers can reach consensus on several points if they employ clear definitions and build their mission theology on the same biblical foundations. By explaining key concepts like the kingdom, the gospel, and social justice, DeYoung and Gilbert help us stay on the same page: united for a common cause to engage together in the true mission of the Church. .

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Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert offer an exceptionally balanced book that will correct or clarify a wide variety of views about the mission. The chapters on social justice and our motivation to do good were particularly beneficial. Whether you are actively seeking to invite people to turn to the gospel while serving the poorest in this world, or are still hesitant to engage in the “missional” cause, this book will help you get on the plan. of God which consists in reconciling all things to himself in Christ. »
- Matt Chandler, Senior Pastor, The Village Church, Highland Village, Texas, United States

“Jesus Christ is the most important message in the world and delivering this message is the greatest mission that has been given. But have we lost sight of our goal? Have we been distracted, sometimes even by good things? Today's committed Christians hold widely differing views on what should constitute the mission and ministry of the Church. As the mission goes through a period of distraction and slow progress, Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert bring us back to basics. By offering balanced wisdom, this book not only gives us encouragement, but also discomfort exactly where we all need it. This kind of healthy Bible reading is timely. "
- Michael Horton, Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics at Westminster Seminary, California, United States

“Kevin DeYoung and Greg Gilbert have written an important book on an important subject. Fair, surprisingly honest, and full of insightful observations, this book is brimming with careful exegetical work. The verses are not only quoted, but considered in context. When the scope of an idea is examined, it is considered as a whole from its expression in the local church to its source in the scriptures. The result is a nuanced and clear book, useful and pleasant to read, which is no small contribution from two young pastor-theologians on whom we can already rely. Open this book, and you will want to open your Bible and your mind to topics as diverse as justice, capitalism, mercy, and love. »
- Mark Dever, Senior Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, Washington D.C., United States The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, United States

“DeYoung and Gilbert shed light on some of the most complex contemporary issues facing the Church. By resolutely focusing on the redemptive nature of the gospel, they ultimately point out to us not only the mission of the Church, but practical ways to understand and live it. The result is a book that will greatly assist pastors, missiologists, theologians, and followers. "
- Mr. David Sills, Professor of Christian Mission and Cultural Anthropology at Faye Stone, Director of the Doctoral Program in Missiology and Grand Mandate Ministries, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA

Table of contents


PART ONE: Understanding our mission

1. A common word that requires careful definition
2. But what does Jesus send us to do in the world?

PART TWO: Knowing the different aspects of our mission
3. The full version of the story
Consider the biblical story from Mount Golgotha ​​
4. Are we missing any part of the Gospel?
Understanding the Good News
5. Kings and kingdoms
Understanding the redemptive reign of God
6. Interpreting Social Justice
The Statement
7. Interpreting Social Justice
The Application
8. The Search for Shalom
Understanding the New Heavens and the New Earth

PART THREE: Knowing What We Do and Why We Do It
9. Zealous for good works
How and why do Christians practice good, individually and collectively
10. The mission of the great mandate
Its definition and importance
Epilogue: So, you want to establish a new kind of Church?
Some advice for young, motivated Christians and missionaries


Original title : What is the Mission of the Church?
Authors : Kevin Deyoung, Greg Gilbert
Publisher : Cruciforme
Publication : September 2015
Pages : 268
Format : paperback
Dimensions : 216 x 142 mm
Weight : 306 g
ISBN : 978-2-924110-99-7