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<transcy>His presence (Sa présence)</transcy>

André Adoul
by Impact
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Zeal wears off quickly when prayer is just a duty. Praying because it is necessary to pray is hardly stimulating ... No matter how much we discipline ourselves in order to pray more regularly, we are often disappointed when we discover our lack of fervor. When we pray out of obligation, God appears as a tough, demanding, and impossible teacher. However, that is not his real face. If we knew our God better, if his presence was a source of joy for us, prayer would no longer be a painful duty.

In this book full of anecdotes, André Adoul shows us how to experience the joy of prayer in our daily life. He denounces the false ways of prayer and opens to us that of authentic prayer.

Table of contents


Part 1 - Him first

1. The right target
2. Popular visits
3. Donation and Donor
4. Close your door
5. Intimate conversation
6. With all your thought
7. Thoughts in Jesus Christ
8. Look for my face

Part Two - Close to the God of Light

9. Divine influence
10. Jesus, my sanctification
11. Love
12. Plus me

Part Three - In communion with him

13. Communion of Jesus
14. The silence that listens
15. Feeling pushed
16. Time
17. To make him happy

Part Four - By Faith

18. Feel or Believe
19. The Object of Faith
20. Acts of Faith
21. With insurance

Part Five - The King of Kings

22. The Lord of Lords
23. Ineffable presence


Author : André Adoul
Publisher : Impact
Publication : 2003
ISBN : 978- 2-89082-065-4
Pages : 154
Dimensions : 5.5 "x 8.5"
Format : paperback
Weight : 196 g

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